Plenty of Fish in the Sea

By Evelyn Melvin

The ocean is a scary place, when talking about the animals that reside there. Personally, I believe that it is absolutely bizarre that we have been to the moon, literally out of this world, but we have not been to the bottom of the ocean. Who knows the things we have yet to see, or discover. There could be a dinosaur down there and we would have no clue. There could even be a giant boat full of the biggest amount of gold possible and we wouldn’t know. So, I am here to enlighten you on some of the weirdest fish that can be in something so big.

The Blob Fish - The Blobfish is a bottom dweller. It can be up to 12 inches long, and live so deep in the ocean that it is rarely seen by humans. The Blobfish is in danger of being wiped out. They eat small crabs, sea urchins, and shellfish. We know that the Blobfish lays eggs, but scientist are unaware on how they actually mate, which is crazy.

Asian Sheepshead Wrasse - This fish is typically found in China, North Korea, and South Korea. They have protruding foreheads and chins, and their lips are bigger than other fishes. They feed on crustaceans and shellfish, and they are one of the largest wrasses. When a female reaches a certain size they can convert to a male.

The Frogfish - They are found in tropical areas such as Bali. They are a type of anglerfish. They can camouflage to hide from predators. They do not have scales, and they are usually unusually shaped. They eat fish and crustaceans, and they also wiggle a lure in front of their head to lure fish and other food in to them.

Psychedelic Frogfish - This is recently discovered and it lives on the ocean floor. It can bounce kind of like a rubber ball. It lives near Indonesia. They have a ton of lines that swirl around their bodies, and even their eyes. They have fins on either side of their bodies that act like legs. It is a rare fish, and since its discovery has barely been seen.

The Sunfish - It can stretch up to 14 foot long, and can weigh over 5,000 pounds. This is the heaviest bony fish in the world. A female sunfish can produce up to 300 million eggs. These fish basically look like a giant head, with fins that is. Sunfish use their fused beak to suck in prey. They do not have teeth at the beginning of their mouth, they have them in their throat.

The Moonfish - These fish are considered warm-blooded, this means that they can generate their own body heat. This feature gives the moonfish a greater amount of energy. It averages out at about 100 pounds. It is a rusty reddish color fish which has white spots and bright red fins. These fish eat squid and krill, and sometimes small fish are included in their diet. They live in southern waters, near Hawaii.

The Goblin Shark - This fish has ejecting jaws that they use to catch their prey. This fish is usually lazy and unmotivated. They like deeper waters over shallow. It is characterized with sharks. It is the most unusual of the sharks because of their narrow upper snout. These animals eat fish large and small, other sharks, and sometimes rays. They also sometimes eat crabs and squid.

The Halitrephes Massi Jellyfish - This is a brightly colored jellyfish. They live in the Eastern Pacific Ocean. These jellyfish are rarely seen by humans. This jellyfish’s body reflects light to create a colorful show. They float around in the deep ocean, and they look kind of like umbrellas. Some refer to them as deep sea fireworks, because of the colors presented by the jellyfish.

Gulper Eel - This fish is not actually considered an eel, despite its name. They live in depth up to 10,000 feet. They are bioluminescence, and they have proverbial sleeves. They are not found in tropical waters. They have large mouths that allow them to eat prey larger than them, and even swallow them whole. These creatures have tiny eyes, which is unusual for deep sea creatures. Scientist believe that gulper eels die after mating.

The Triggerfish - This fish lives in tropical and subtropical waters. With their mouths shut, they are considered cute and friendly because of their colors. But when they open their mouths, they are slightly scary.  They are considered to be excellent swimmers, and fast because they are small. They grow up to 25 cm long, which isn’t that big. They eat algae, crustaceans, worms, snails, and sea urchins. In Hawaii, reef triggerfish are also known as the “humuhumunukunukuapua’a.”  They are the state fish of Hawaii.