Steps to a Great Beach Week

By Evelyn Melvin

Step 1: Gathering your group

Your group is very important when deciding how much everything is going to be. You need to make sure that you have no problems with any of your group members. If you have problems, your week is going to be bad. Make sure that you get along is what is going to make this beach week amazing for you and your friends. I would make sure you have at least four people to spread out the cost.

Step 2: Picking a beach

After picking your group, you have to work together to find the perfect beach. Everyone in your group might not agree on what beach to pick. Some might have different places they would like to go. You have to find a common medium to make everyone happy. Happy group, happy beach week.

Step 3: Picking a date

You HAVE to make sure that everyone in your group is on the same page on this. If you pick a date that others cannot do, you are going to end up with a whole house to yourself. You have to make sure that everyone agrees on the date. Dates are important on price as well, if you go in May or June it might be less than if you went in July or August.

Step 4:  Choosing a house

A house is the biggest expense your group is going to come across. You have to find a house that is big enough for your whole group. But when looking for a bigger house, you are looking for a bigger price. This is why the size of the group matters, because the price can be lessened when more and more people start splitting costs. You have to make sure that everyone is okay with the house chosen, because in the end that is where you will be spending a lot of time.

Step 5: Making a packing list

Your trip is finally coming up, and you are worrying about what to pack. Packing is a big deal. You no longer have your parents to make sure you have everything. This is why lists are important, because a check list is the easiest way to make sure you do not forget anything. You do not want to forget that favorite bathing suit!

Step 6: Picking the right car

You are going to want to carpool, so that you all get there at the same time. When picking a car you want to factor in the gas mileage. You do not want to pick a car that gets 3 miles to the gallon. You want something that is good on gas and easy to fill up. Your group should be able to split the cost of gas there and back.  Make sure that the car chosen can fit everyone in your group. For larger groups you may have to take more than one car depending on everyone's car sizes.

Step 7: When at the beach, decide whether you are eating out every night or staying in

This is big when it comes to cost. You will need to know soon if you are staying in, because you will need to go get groceries that will last you for the week. If you are eating out every night, you will need to have enough money to pay for yourself every night. Also you will need to make sure that your group has enough money as well, because if one person gets left out the week is doomed.

Step 8: Plan your days

If you want to have a great week, you have to get everyone on board with you. I would sit down at a table and see what everyone want to do that week. If one person wants to go bowling, then see if you can fit that in during the week. If some of your group doesn’t want to go, you can always have an alone night with someone who does. Just make sure you are never alone for safety reasons.

Step 9: Have a great time

After all, you are at the beach with your friends. You should make sure that you are getting along with others. As well as having the best week before everyone goes to college. Try to make this the best trip, because you never know when you will see the others. This is your last trip with your friends, and you miss the times with them. So make this beach trip a good time for everyone.