Sleep Good

By Adaline Bisese and Summer Williamson

To many, falling asleep is difficult. Many people experience one form or another of sleeping disorders and their punishing symptoms. A common problem is the restlessness that comes before sleep. They feel like they are trapped on a hamster wheel of a never ending state of awakeness, but with the help of this article, everyone can experience the best night sleep of their lives.

One of the most important steps to falling asleep is eating properly before doing so. A warm and hearty bowl of soup will help the soul find a calm place to relax for hours on end. Chicken noodle, potato, French onion, or any other type of soup will suffice as long as it is heated thoroughly. If soup is not sufficient on its own, try adding some warm, fresh bread to your bowl. Bread adds texture and taste to the already aromatic soup. If bread and soup are not prefered, a steaming cup of tea can be a pleasant substitute.

It is suggested, that when trying to fall asleep, be as comfortable as possible. Comfort is the vital key to sleep. Firstly, a mattress suited to the sleeper’s needs is necessary. Then, the appropriate bedding that is soft and cool against the skin and pleasant to look at. An assortment of pillows is also strongly suggested. In regards to clothing, those who remain cold during the nights, long pants and fleece clothing are advised. If long pants and fleece are too hot, try a cool pair of shorts with a tank top or no shirt at all. This allows the skin to breath even in the hottest of houses or the coldest of cabins. This might not seem like the most important part of falling asleep, but for the best, uninterrupted sleep, it is necessary.

A lesser known factor in falling asleep is the area being slept in. Science says that the body loves sleeping in cool, dark places, like a cave. Some of the best sleeps are achieved in unusual places. Choices for the perfect sleep include beds, desks, floors, cars, couches, tables, yards, boats, hammocks, tents, graves, and anywhere else. In truth, the place someone does the sleeping in does not affect their quality of sleep because the person sleeping is not awake to feel pain. For this reason, those who are tired should find the nearest place that they will not fall from or get mugged to sleep. A real life example would be a girl named Summer. Summer is very good at finding a comfortable spot to fall asleep whether it is at a desk or at another less cozy desk, she manages to sleep. She once slept in a corner of the Virginia Capitol Building’s meeting room while Congress was in session. Those having trouble sleeping can learn a thing or two form Summer’s “can sleep” attitude.

Sleepers looking to accelerate their wake to sleep time should look into drinking herbal teas to ensure they are not consuming caffeine or try melatonin. Melatonin is naturally released by the human body to signal the brain to go sleep mode. When the melatonin levels in the body become offset by factors such as caffeine, age, and level of activity, it becomes more difficult for the person to fall asleep. These natural sleep aids can be found at various localities and online shops. If sleep supplements are not an option then finding a balanced lifestyle will work wonders.

Dreaming is the most essential part of the perfect night’s sleep. It should consist of just enough reality to make the dreamer question its realness. A good dream, for example, would have a place the dreamer knows well, such as their own home, but have something unusual happen their, like a fish eating the dreamer’s lunch meat. Such a dream would encompass the dreamer’s world and imagination simultaneously allowing the dreaming optimum sleep.

Now that the sleepers have had the best sleep of their lives, they should wake up. Ditch the bulky, obnoxious alarm and go for something gentler on the ears. There are countless clocks that use light or vibration to rouse their user. Clocks that don’t use the gentle approach tend to leave sleepers wondering what it was like to have a peaceful night's sleep. So ditch the old approach and try a deaf man’s alarm clock. Another alarm clock alternative is to get a jacked up hospital bed that can eject you from the cozy comfort of the mattress and onto the cold, hard floor.

Sleep is meant to be a serene experience that refreshes the soul after every brutal and lingering day. It is important to get the proper amount of sleep and to be comfortable while doing so. Everyone has sleeping habits unique to their own needs, and must listen to what the body tells them.