High School Memories

By Sarah Lam

Well folks, the time has finally come. The last month I will ever have to spend here in James River High School has arrived. As my final article in Digital Journalism, I figured I would go over some of my greatest memories that I have experienced here at James River. These are the top moments that made me feel proud to be a Knight.

Volleyball Vs. Marion

The day our Volleyball girls played Marion in the State Quarterfinals was the absolute greatest memory I have of James River. Our whole school rallied together and got a big student section together to travel 2 hours away. Our girls needed our support more than ever for this game. Going into the game, Marion thought they had it in the bag. They beat us last year and they thought this year would go the same way. Boy were they wrong. The stands were packed with marion fans and our little section of fans and parents. We were as loud as all the Marion parents combined. The game was as close as could be and we ended up going to 5 sets. Let me remind you that Marion had not lost a home game since 2014. Game point for River, and Marion gets called for in the net, and River wins. We went absolutely crazy. The student section stormed the court, and tears were flowing everywhere. Our little school from small town Buchanan was heading to the State Semifinals.

Friday Night Lights

Nothing was better in the fall during the school year that a Friday night football game. Getting together with your friends to cheer on your school is always a good time. Being able to go crazy and dress up for whatever student section theme was for the night was probably my favorite part about football season. Oh and you can’t forget about the concession stand. Nothing goes better with Friday night lights than some nachos and a nice cold Dr. Pepper. My best memory from all the football games I went to was probably when we played Radford my junior year. It was a close game that went into overtime, and ended with a touchdown win. Everyone stormed the field after to show our support for our football team.

Art Class

These last two years of high school, I decided to sign up for art classes. It was probably one of the best decisions I’ve ever made. Because of our schools art program, I found something I love to do. Everyday is that class was a good day, you just feel stress free and at peace. Mrs.Stanley is one of the most caring, genuine teachers at James River High School. She has a passion for art and for helping others. Whenever you’re feeling down or have a problem, she will stop what she’s doing and talk with you and make sure you’re ok. She has taught me so much and her class will go down as something I’ll remember forever.

Senior Prom

I went to prom twice during my years at River, but senior prom was probably the best one. I didn’t have to worry or stress about anything with a group because it was just me and my boyfriend, Aidan. Another reason I loved prom this year was my dress. I wasn’t too sure about it at first, but I freaking loved it on prom night. We danced the night away and had fun knowing this was my last prom ever. To top off the night, we went to after prom and won a combined total of $140 in cash and gift cards.

As we come to a close on this school year, I could spend hours listing off more memories. From the good times to the bad times, I’ve always had a community of students there to support me and hold me together. Even though I always say how ready I am to graduate, James River will always be a piece of me. I’ve made some of the best friends here, had some of the best teachers, and made some of the memories. Thank you for following me on this journey of digital journalism. That’s all from me folks. Sarah Lam, Class of 2019, signing out.