Attention Seniors!

By Alyson McCullough

Senior year is full of activities ranging from getting everything ready for graduation itself and trying to remember to plan for everything else. Some things are not required, but they make the experience whole. Graduation is in less than two months, make your sure caps and gowns fit, the outfit you plan to wear is appropriate, and you are working on invitations to send out. The dress code is listed below.

  • INVITATIONS: Invitations should be sent out as soon as possible so the people you are inviting have ample time to ask off for work or arrange for other obstacles it would take to get them here.

  • SENIOR PICTURES: Most seniors take casual senior pictures to put on their invitations and to give to other family members for a sort of keepsake, if this is the case and you have not taken any, find a time when the weather is nice and contact someone to capture you in your prime.

  • CAP DECORATION: Many people decorate their caps to sport the college they will be attending the next fall and as a way to express themselves. This tradition is by no means required, just encouraged so seniors can be themselves and be proud of it.

  • SENIOR SLIDESHOW: Send in pictures in to the Senior Slideshow that will be shown at senior breakfast.

  • GRADUATION DRESS CODE: NO FLIP FLOPS, TENNIS SHOES, JEANS, SHORTS, OR CAMOUFLAGE. Men should be dressed in a button up shirt, tie, dress pants, and dress shoes. Women should be in a skirt or dress and dress shoes, as well.

  • SENIOR BREAKFAST: Make sure to fill out the survey on the Class of 2019 classroom for breakfast foods by April 9th.

  • SENIOR QUOTE: Fill in the form on the Class of 2019 classroom with your desired senior quote and a picture you want to go with it. It can be casual if you choose or if you do not submit a photo, the yearbook staff will find one to put in its place that is suitable.


Here are some dates that need to be placed in your calendar:

  • April 2 is the senior trip, if you are going, great! If you are not, enjoy your day anyway.

  • April 23 is when all senior quotes are due for the yearbook.

  • April 25 there will be senior meetings at 10:50 AM and 1:30 PM, be sure to attend one of these meetings so you do not miss any important information.

  • April 26 is the Student/Faculty volleyball tournament

  • April 27 PROM DAY!!! The senior walk will take place at some point during the night, both the senior and their date (even if the date is not a senior) will take place in this. The prom king and queen will be announced at this time.) Prom starts at 7:00 PM at the Roanoke City Market Building

  • May 3 is for students applying for scholarships, the scholarship form is due to guidance. Do not forget a parent’s signature.

  • May 13 is the spring Day of Service, seniors are being encouraged to take part in this activity to give back to the community that has given you so much over the years.

  • May 14 is the Awards Assembly at 6:30 PM at James River, all seniors should be dressed in their cap and gown and should meet in the old gym at 6:15.

  • May 15 the seniors that attended Greenfield Elementary will take part in their senior walk at 8:00 AM.

  • May 16 the seniors that attended Eagle Rock Elementary will have their senior walk at 8:15 AM.

  • May 17 is fun day and the talent show. Seniors that attended Buchanan Elementary and Breckinridge Elementary will do their walk through at 8:15 AM. The seniors will then have senior breakfast at 9:15 AM and graduation practice will start around 10:15 AM. Wear what you will wear for graduation. This is also the last day for the senior class.

  • May 19 is Baccalaureate at Fincastle Baptist Church at 2:00 PM, seniors should wear cap and gown and meet at the church at 1:30 PM. This is an event sponsored by the James River FCA.

  • May 21st IS THE BIG DAY!! Graduation will begin at 7:30 PM, all seniors should be at James River at 6:00 PM and a group picture will be taken at 6:15 in the new gym. At 6:45, seniors will line up for graduation. Wear honor cords for pictures and graduation. NHS iron your NHS stole before graduation.

Senior year is very hectic and it gets extremely stressful at times, but do not let it pass you by. Everyone has heard this before, but these are some of the best years of your life whether it seems like it now, or not. Enjoy the last few weeks of this year and make the most of it.