A List of Crazy Laws

By Evelyn Melvin

Laws are something that America needs in order to keep the peace between people. They help protect us and keep us safe. Without laws, there would be mayhem. Yes, laws are important, but some of them are just down right dumb. So here is a list of crazy laws that should not be a thing. Let’s get to it.

Blindfolded Law

  • In Alabama there is a law that makes it illegal to drive blindfolded. Which makes absolutely no sense. What kind of freak drives blindfolded?

The Donkey and the Bathtub Law

  • In Arizona, it is illegal for a donkey, yes I said donkey, to sleep in a bathtub. So many questions are running through your mind right now, and I understand why. I am very confused myself. First of all, why is there a donkey in your house, let alone in your bathtub? What do people do all day to make this a law?

The No Selling Dog Hair Law

  • In Delaware, there is a law that prohibits you to sell dog hair. How much money can you actually get from hair left on your sofa. They must have been selling a ton of dog hair to actually make a profit. Who would actually buy dog hair.

No Parking In Front of a Dunkin’ Donuts

  • There is a law in Maine that does not allow you to park in front of a Dunkin’ Donuts. Where are you supposed to park … ? Oh yeah hi, I just came from 15 blocks away for this coffee because I couldn’t park in front of this place.

No Sleeveless Shirts

  • In Maryland you are not allowed to wear a sleeveless shirt in public. Yeah so get those dang wife beaters out of here, THAT’S ILLEGAL.

No Dirty Tires Here

  • In Minnesota dirty tires are banned. Look at that James River, all you crazy mud boggin’ country boys and girls better never go to Minnesota. You would be considered a public nuisance more than you are here in good ol’ Virginia.  

Don’t You Go Wrestlin’ That Bear Willy!

  • In Missouri it is illegal to wrestle a bear. Everything about this law confuses the crap out of me. Why would you do this? What do you gain?

You’re An Idiot, No Voting for You

  • In New Mexico, you can not vote if you are an “idiot.” Idiots can include felons. You know what, I completely agree. No idiots voting, actually good President. It’s like Christmas every election day!  

Slippers? Who’s she?

  • In New York, slippers are banned after 10 p.m. When do you wear slippers? At night, which includes after 10 p.m. So if you are in New York, and you are wearing your slippers around the hotel room after 10, you are breaking the law. You nasty unlawful human being, I cannot believe you.

Who Dyes Chickens? That’s Right, You Guessed It, Ohio.

  • In Ohio it is illegal to sell dyed chickens. So if you’re looking for a purple chicken, because I don’t know it tickles your tummy, do NOT go looking in Ohio.

No Hunting In Oregon!

  • In Oregon, you are not allowed to hunt in a cemetery. Which should be a law anyway because that some direspectful shist. So all you country boys, if you see a big ol’ buck in the cemetery think again. You are not allowed to hunt in Oregon.

No Horse Racing on Highway

  • It is illegal in Rhode Island to race horses on the highway. Can you just imagine some guy on the highway in Rhode Island trying to get someone to race him. “Hey man come on your car is no match for my horse bro, just race me for pink slips bro. Come on let’s go.” What goes on in these peoples minds.

Bite That Dog!

  • In Ohio, it is legal for a police man to bite a dog to calm it down. First of all, what the actual... Second of all, how would that calm the dog, that would just hurt the dog honestly. So basically that’s animal abuse.

    Dang, You Really Can Not Sing

  • In North Carolina, it is illegal to sing off key. If you think you can sing, but you really can’t, do not go to NC. Bad things are in store for you and your off key singing. Also, can you just imagine sitting in court and about to be punished, all because you were in your shower singing off key and someone reported you. People really be like that sometimes.

No Marrying Your Cousin!

  • In Utah, it is illegal to marry your cousin, unless they and you are over the age of 65. So if it’s your 65th birthday, and you’re 66 year old cousin is looking flyyyyyy it’s your lucky day.

So as you can see, people are actually stupid, the end.