Prom: The Most Stressful Night Turns Best Night of Your Life

By Sydney Newcomb

For some juniors and seniors, prom can be the most magical night of their whole high school career. For other, it’s nothing but stress upon stress. Finding a date, the perfect dress, making sure you look flawless, the pictures, all of it can get pretty overwhelming. Should a silly little dance make us feel so stressed and force us to feel like we have to look perfect for a couple of hours? Let your night be as stress free as possible, let loose and have a good time!

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Finding a date, or simply a group of your best girlfriends to go with is the first step to making the night perfect. Don’t get too caught up in all the promproposals. Yes they might be cute, but sometimes it’s just better to go with your gal pals. If you do have a significant other, think about the time you’ll have boogying the night away with them!

The next, but possibly the most stressful step to having the perfect prom is finding the perfect dress. Although there aren’t many places in the roanoke area to purchase the dress of your dreams, there are several that include Patina, Proms Pageants And Pretty Things, and David’s Bridal. Other places which might be a bit of a drive but so worth it include Amanda's Touch (Waynesboro, VA), Reflections Bridal (Harrisonburg, VA) and Becky’s Bridal and Formal (Buena Vista, VA). The key to finding the perfect dress is remembering it's what you feel good in and what you like. Don’t feel pressure to buy a white dress just because your a senior, go out of the box and get that floral dress you love.

The morning of prom is probably when you’ll start to feel a little stressed out. Typically girls start getting ready early in the morning starting with hair and makeup. A helpful tip would be to start early, 10:30 or 11 am are normally good times to start with your pre-prom routine. Remember to try and stay as stress free as possible, this night is supposed to be fun!

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Hair is the first thing on your to do list. Another helpful hint when getting prom ready is to wash your hair the night before, this allows your stylist to work with your hair more easily. Make sure you take pictures of hairstyles you’ve looked at and like so your stylist has a good idea of what you want.  Pinterest is a great place to look not only for hairstyles, but also makeup which is your next appointment!

It’s getting a little closer to prom time, so that means it’s makeup time. There are many places you could go in the Roanoke area to have a profession do your makeup including places like Bare Minerals and Sephora in the mall. If you’re looking for someone a little more local, there are plenty of people that advertise prom makeup on social media for very low prices. Just like when you get your hair done, make sure to have pictures of the style of makeup you’d like as well.

Now you’re all dolled up, so it’s time for your dinner plans. Most couples and groups choose to go out to a restaurants ranging from Cheddars, to Olive Garden, to even Chick-fil-a! Personally my favorite thing to do is get with your group or your date and have your family cook a nice dinner for you. You don’t even have to get dressed until after you eat, so no worries if you’re messy like me you can keep like dress sparkling all night long!  

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Even doing just something as simple as turning your Grandmother’s basement into a new restaurant can be just as fun as going out! You don’t have to worry about crowds, getting to prom late, or if you’re messy like me getting food all over your dress.

After dinner, it’s time to strike a pose! Picking a spot to get the perfect pictures can sometimes be difficult, but don’t stress too much there are plenty of beautiful places between here and Roanoke. Some of the most popular spots are Hotel Roanoke, The Roanoke Star, Farms and fields throughout Botetourt, and your own land makes great pictures. Even if your pictures don’t turn out quite as good as you expect, don’t let it ruin your unforgettable night!

Some of my favorite picture from any school dance where taken at my aunts farm in Buchanan. Although it’s very simple, it gives off a very rustic vibe that we both loved!

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It’s time to head to the dance with your spify date(s). One of the most important things to remember at prom is you only get two of these your whole high school career, so make them worth it. Don’t be embarrassed to go bust a move on the dance floor. So what if you’re a bad dancer, nobodies even watching you their too busy busting a move themselves!

The ride to prom gets you more and more excited to dance the night away. Already blasting music and getting ready to see all your friends all dressed up, what’s better than that?

Of course dancing is definitely top three things at prom, but within the other top three is hanging with your friends. Seeing them all dressed up in their dresses and having a good time, you can’t help but smile. You’ll look back on these days and remember just how sweet they were dancing with your friends at prom. You’ll think how silly it was to stress over prom once your dancing the night away because you’ve made unforgettable memories that will last a lifetime!