A Bachelor’s Guide: How To Binge Watch TV Like Royalty

By Ian DeHaven, Tyler St. Clair, and Jackson Mabe

Television is a hallmark of American pop culture, and streaming services like Hulu and Netflix have made immediate consumption of entire series as easy as the press of a button. Follow these tips here to make the most out of your binge-watching sessions, whether they serve the purpose of burning through a unoccupied long weekend or desperately catching up on your favorite characters before the next season premiere.

1. Make sure your place is clean beforehand

Even though for the time being your focus is going to be wholly centered on the exploits you view on screen, as a human being you can’t forsake your worldly duties in their entirety. Binging can make the hours seem like a matter of minutes, and nothing is worse than realizing late on a Sunday night that you need to clean everything up before you can go to sleep and prepare for your daily routine all over again; take it from us, it’s better to get this out of the way preemptively.

2. Dress comfortably

In binge-watching, comfort is the name of the game, and its necessary to take precautions to ensure that you won’t be constantly standing up to readjust your clothes. Depending on the region where your binging takes place, your uniform could take the form of gym shorts and a tee shirt, or even some pajamas. Remember not to get too cozy though, as you don’t want to accidentally drift off to sleep and miss crucial plot points.

3. Watch with company (optional)

While binging a new series is often a spontaneous and therefore solo undertaking, it’s not always possible to have a peer on hand to share the experience with. However, nothing can enrich the experience of diving into a new world on your TV quite like having someone else in the real world to speculate with once the inevitable cliff-hangers start.

4. Have snacks within arm’s reach

If you want to ensure maximum attention on the television and not your immediate surroundings, your best bet is to put all of your snacks within arm’s reach. Lazily extending for some pretzels is much easier than walking all the way to your kitchen -- prepare your area for the binge, and minimize the amount of time you are away from your current favorite show.

5. Stay adequately hydrated

Though binge watching a day should have you focused entirely on the show, one ought to drink water throughout the day -- you do not want to get possibly dehydrated in front of the television. Drinking water will make you feel refreshed even though you are vegetating and sinking into the couch, and will reduce the inevitable guilt of sitting on the couch all day. At least you were drinking water!

6. Pick a good show

If you are going to dedicate a precious day in your life to watching a television show, it better be a good one. Whether you discover it from the recommendations on your preferred streaming platform, word of mouth, or JR Knightly News articles, binge watching is best done on a worthwhile show. If at any point you feel your chosen show is not worthy of your time, change it! You have a limited time on this earth. Optimize it to binge watch only the best television.

7. Get up and move around periodically

If you don’t move around every once in a while and get your blood pumping, you will feel fried by the end of your session. Getting up and doing simple things such as stretches or planks will reduce the horrible internal feeling of being a lazy slob. Don’t let yourself fall into this pit -- just stay minimally active by doing something such as push ups or jumping jacks between episodes.

8. Have a backup show or two in mind

The last thing you want for your day of binge watching is to run out of episodes to watch. The best way to prevent this unfortunate end to your day, is to start with more than one show or movie in mind that you would like to watch. With many shows, you may have multiple seasons left before you are at the end, in this case you should be fine. But if you know that you are nearing the end of the show, always have a backup in mind.

9. Eat a proper meal

Before starting your binge watching, make sure you have eaten something to keep you going. While you may have a line up of snacks ready, you should always eat something a bit more substantial before you begin your snacking to create a solid base.

10. Cut yourself off late at night

Finally, if your binge watching takes you late into the night, you want find a spot to cut yourself off. Not only is this good for your health and your sleep schedule, but if you are in the middle of a show that you really care about, staying up late and watching while you are tired will make you miss key points in the show that you are watching and you may have to go back and rewatch everything you have already seen in order to catch yourself up.

Hopefully these ten simple tips will allow you to get the most enjoyment out of your binge watching experience!