6 Things To Do Before Leaving for College

By Sarah Lam and Brooke Moran

It’s finally here, your last semester ever of high school. 3 more months until you leave this place and never look back. This can be a really happy, exciting, or sad time for students. Everyone has big plans for life after high school. Some people are going to medical school, some are going straight to the workforce, some are going to community college; the list goes on and on. One thing we can agree on is that this is your last summer before real life starts. Here’s a bucket list of things to do this summer before adult life is in full swing.

Plan a Vacation With Your Friends

Your friends have been there for you through thick and thin. In the fall you are all going to go your separate ways. You might not see each other for months, or even years. Take the time to schedule a week or two with your closest friends and travel to your own paradise. It could be the beach, a city, or even a camping trip in the woods. Bring all the necessities you need and soak up the sun while making memories that will last a lifetime. Once they leave, you won’t have many opportunities to do this again.

Go to a Concert

We all know that music is good for the soul whether it be rock, country, pop, or anything else in the world. Music probably got you through some tough times during your high school career. Take the time this summer to get tickets to you favorite music artist and attend one of their concerts. Take tons of pictures and videos, but mostly live in the moment and enjoy the feeling of singing at the top of your lungs with thousands of other people. You will look back on this day and remember how much fun it brought to your last summer back home.

Go to an Amusement Park

If you’re reading this, there's a good chance that there isn’t an amusement park right down the road, so you don’t get to visit one often. Take a road trip to the nearest one, it will be well worth it. Get over that fear of roller coasters and ride every single ride in the park. Play some carnival games and win that giant stuffed gorilla, even if it takes fifty dollars to do so. After all this fun, finish it off with a nice cold lemonade and a fifteen dollar cheeseburger. Yes, this one might be expensive, but the thrill you will feel going through your body when you’re sitting front row on your favorite coaster will be worth it. Make sure to put your hands up in the air and scream as much as you want meanwhile.

Spend Time With Family

For some people, going to college means going as far away as possible to another state. Sadly, your family will not be able to embark on this journey to adulthood with you. This means you will be away from them for months at a time. Spend as much time as you possibly can with your family this summer. Organize a family reunion to bring everyone together in the same place or have a cookout in your backyard. No matter what, just make sure you make as many memories with them as you can. They will be waiting for you when you come back home.

Go Hiking On Your Favorite Trail

Every state and town is different from one another. One might have mountains, one might have skyscrapers, and one might have sandy beaches. Pick out your favorite trail and go hike it for one last time. Once you reach the top, take the time to just relax and enjoy the scenery. Let the views take your breath away. You can even pack a picnic and bring a friend or your beloved childhood dog along. This might be the last time you see where you grew up for months, so just take the time to enjoy it.

Late Night Bowling

Blacklight bowling + friends + wanting to win = a whole lot of fun. There is something about staying out late with a group of friends until the closest bowling alley closes. This late night bowling trek along with ice cream and a late night sleepover is the best way to start a summer weekend (or in the middle of the week). Plus, the later it gets when you are out bowling, the cheaper it gets as well! Glow in the dark lighting and cheap prices are the way to go especially when you are having a summer on a budget. Make sure to add this fun experience to your summer bucket list.