Is Your High School Considered a “Small Town High School?”

By Evelyn Melvin

Many things can factor into this decision. Whether it be, where it is located, how many people go there, or simply how small it is. There are many things that can sway you to think your high school is a “small town high school.” So, to help you make a decision, I have put together a quiz! Be sure to answer truthfully to get the mostly correct answer.

Where is your high school located?

  1. In a city

  2. Right next to a field of cows

  3. Near some fields but also not too far from a bigger city

How many kids go to your school?

  1. 800 - 1000

  2. 350 - 600

  3. 600 - 700

How many people do you know in your school?

  1. Only like 4

  2. Mostly all of them

  3. 50/50

Is there ever more than 10 big trucks in the parking lot?

  1. Rarely, if ever

  2. ALL. THE. TIME.

  3. Sometimes, but not more than 10

Are your high school athletics all anyone comes to?

  1. Not really

  2. Oh yes! Athletics are like the Super Bowl here

  3. Depends on the sport really

How many dirt roads do you travel on to get to the school?

  1. Absolutely none

  2. My high school is almost on a dirt road, what you mean?

  3. Maybe like 5

Does absolutely everyone know your business?

  1. No No No, I keep my stuff private

  2. YES, I can’t even fart without the whole school knowing

  3. Sort of but some things are kept secret

Does anyone know what the town your high school is located in, outside of the town?

  1. Duh!

  2. Absolutely not

  3. Sometimes if I explain in detail

Have you had the same friends all four years?

  1. No! I change friends like underwear

  2. Yea, pretty much

  3. A couple, but some are new

Does everyone have a designated seat in lunch always?

  1. No, I sit somewhere new every day

  2. YES! You better not sit in my seat

  3. Yes, but sometimes we sit different places

If you had siblings that went to your high school, did your teachers remember them?

  1. No, they can barely remember my name

  2. Yes, in fact they call me by their name all the time

  3. Depends on which teacher it is

Did your teachers double as coaches?

  1. No? Is that a thing?

  2. Yes, all the time

  3. Sometimes

Have you ever got stuck behind a tractor or a bus on your way to school?

  1. There's things called tractors?

  2. EVERY. DAY.

  3. Sometimes depending on the road I took

Does everyone know most of your embarrassing stories?

  1. No. heck no

  2. Yes… sadly

  3. Depends on the story really

Does sickness run rampant in your school?

  1. No, it barely makes it across the hall

  2. Yes, someone coughs in one hallway and everyone is now infected

  3. Sometimes but usually not

Are you friends with people below you and above you in grades?

  1. No? We are always separated

  2. Yes, we even have some classes together

  3. Some of them

Did half of the people you graduated with go to the same elementary school?

  1. Only like 6 people

  2. Almost all of them

  3. I’d say usually

Did you pick a small university so it was an easy transition?

  1. I don’t even know the definition of small

  2. Yes … I am ashamed

  3. Some of us

Is there only two carnivals year round that everyone goes to?

  1. No there’s like 5

  2. YES!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Eh, usually 3

Do you almost always see someone you know at the store?

  1. No not at all

  2. Yes, every single time

  3. Sometimes

If you got mostly A’s, your high school is nowhere near small. In fact it's enormous compared to many other high schools. But don’t worry, I am sure there is many things great about your school no matter how big it is. It is just the fact that it is not a small town high school. So, as I said before, your school is not a small town high school at all.

If you got mostly B’s, YOU ARE DEFINITELY in a small town high school. From the farm full of cows right next door to everyone knowing everyone, you’re high school fits the picture completely. You may think now that nothing could be worse than your high school, but trust me you’ll miss it when it’s gone. Never give that small town vibe up, because in the end it is what makes you who you are.

If you got mostly C’s, you are so 50/50. So basically you are a medium size high school, with both characteristics of giant and small high schools. That is the best way to be, because you can kiss someone and no one will know who you kissed except like 5 people. All of your secrets are safe with the friends you surround yourself with.

All in all, any size high school is what shapes you in to the person you become in the future. Your friends you meet in high school with stick with you till the end. After all, high school could be some of the best years of your life, if you live them how you want.