Top 5 Vines

By Tessa Jones and Erin Walker

Vine was one of the most beloved social medias before its discontinuation. Everyday, kids around the world quote and share their favorite Vines, ensuring that its legacy will live forever. Today, there are hundreds of Vine compilation videos on Youtube that include some of the most iconic videos that were ever created on the app. Because we (Erin and Tessa) love to watch those videos and laugh together, we thought it was important to share our favorite Vines so that others could enjoy them as well.

Erin’s Top 5

  1. You Messin’ With My Truck?

    The most chaotic energy ever is housed within this vine, you almost can’t watch it more than once. A middle aged man named Paul Hinton steps up onto the top of his truck’s cab, nunchakus blazing, and says, “You messin’ with my truck? You messin’ with my truck d*pst*ck?” Hinton is known around the internet as “Nunchaku Dad” and has had many pieces written about him. Let’s hope none of the interviewers messed with his truck.

    Creator: Paul Hinton

  2. If Your Name Is Junior

    This is arguably the most catchy vine and it can frequently be heard hummed by several students on the track and soccer team. When you begin the vine, you may think its a roast of the little boy, Junior, because so does he. However, the singer quickly turns the lyrics around and says, “If your name is Junior and you’re really handsome, come on raise your hands!” Cute!

    Creator: arnoldthepipeknight

  3. Zach STOP!

    This vine opens up with a man, Zach, wearing what looks like Tevas brand sandals, kicking around a parking lot and sidewalk. The cameraman, apparently someone with greater self awareness than Zach, pleads with him to stop. “Zach stop! You’re going to get us in trouble!” A jump cut reveals that this warning proved true, as Zach is surrounded by police with their guns drawn and his hands behind his head. Zach DID get in trouble. Some light research on Twitter showed that the origin story is crazier than the Vine itself. Zach, mistaken for a murder suspect, was apprehended (the scene with the police) and his friends filmed it. Since he was not the murder suspect, he was let go and the great idea for this iconic Vine was conceived.

    Creator: Joel Golby

  4. You Don’t Wanna Post Up

    The sheer energy this little girl gives off is almost catastrophic. She’s obviously speaking the truth and anyone should hate to be on the receiving end of her unbridled annoyance. The girls are sitting around bikes during what appears to be summer. The Post Up girl, who looks at most 10, is mad and confronting another girl who has supposedly been talking bad about her behind her back. She then says the iconic phrase, complete with hand motions, “When I leave you wanna keep doin’ this, but when I come around you don’t wanna post up!” People quote this video frequently and it has been remixed countless times into more videos.

    Creator: Aaliyah Davis

  5. Hi, Welcome to Pizza Hut

    The Vine opens up with a waiter saying, “Hi my name’s Derek, welcome to Pizza Hut” in a weak shaky voice. The video continues with, “Let me guess, pizza?” and he passes out onto the floor. The whole thing is hilarious, from the script to the execution. While this isn’t one of the more popular vines, it certainly is iconic in its own right.

    Creator: Dan Curtin

Tessa’s Top 5

  1. Picking Grass with Feet

    Without a doubt, this is one of the funniest Vines ever made. It begins with a man picking a clump of grass with one of his feet. Once the blades of grass are secure between the toes, the man then starts making monkey noises as he takes off across a sidewalk. This Vine is a masterpiece that will forever inspire and make kids laugh.

    Creator: Nick Colletti

  2. Kid Running in Backyard with Knife

    This Vine is not only relatable, but it’s hilarious! A young boy, no older than 4, is running in his backyard when his mom sees him holding something. Upon a quick investigation, she finds out it’s a knife. The mother, panicked, yells “NOOOO!” and chases after her son. Sometimes, you just have to run really fast with a knife in your hand to live life to the fullest.  

    Creator: Madison Meyers

  3. I Can’t Believe You’ve Done This  

    A man (or boy really) is sitting in a chair wearing sunglasses and ties wrapped around his head. He whips off the sunglasses, indicating that he’s about to get into a serious topic, when suddenly, his roommate or friend punches him in the face! Outraged, the first guy says “Ah f***, I can’t believe you’ve done this.” Not only do the viewers get a good laugh at this scene, but the British accent of the punchee adds a nice touch.

    Creator: PWee28

  4. Girl Swinging to Wii Bowling

    The thumbnail for this Vine is downright adorable: a picture of a sweet little girl on a swing set. After clicking on it, the video shows that same girl laughing, having a good time at the playground. But things escalate quickly. She suddenly falls backwards off of the swing, doing a backwards somersault onto the ground. Because people on the Internet are witty and good with technology, someone edited a smooth transition from the fall backwards to this little girl rolling down the Wii bowling lanes and getting a strike! This video is always a go-to for a good chuckle.

    Creator: OMG its Richiey

  5. Girl Spills Juice on Carpet   

    As the Vine begins, a cute baby girl is holding an apple juice bottle without the lid on as she bends over to pick something up off of the ground. Her mother is recording and witnesses her daughter spill some of the drink onto her carpeted floors. Immediately upset, the mother exclaims “OH MY GOD,” but because her daughter is as sassy as she is cute, the little girl (without any hesitation) turns over the bottle, spilling all of its contents onto the ground. This Vine is a whole mood and undoubtedly relatable.

    Creator: SPECIALK