Is Community Service Important in High School?

By Rachel Epperly

Growing up nowadays high schoolers have many readily available opportunities for volunteering through their church, community, school, etc. Doing community service can make you feel more connected to your community and help you build relationships with new people. It forces you to go outside your comfort zone and take challenges head on. Volunteering can truly help shape what type of person people turn out to be.

If students volunteer through churches, some get the experience to do mission work, construction, or babysitting. Through this mission work and volunteering students can get a better understanding of how to handle and take care of kids or peers and can all in all show students how blessed they are.

Others volunteer through clubs or their community. For example, you can volunteer at Capernum through Young Life. This gives students a chance to spend time with disabled and special need students. Doing something like this can help you see the world in a different way. These children are some of the sweetest and have the most pure hearts. Despite the challenges of life this gives students the opportunity to spend time, love, and give attention to children that might not get as much as others.

Volunteering may not seem to matter much in your early years of high school, but as you get to your senior year and start applying for colleges, jobs, and scholarships they matter more than ever. Nowadays most of the scholarships, if not all, in some way ask you about your community service and volunteering experiences. There are a lot more than there used to be that are even focused solely on volunteering. One hard thing of not realizing how important community service is that you may be doing it for years but never keep track of it. When you start to fill out scholarships and they ask you about what you have done during high school you probably will not be able to remember everything you have done in your high school career. One smart thing to do your freshman year is start a spreadsheet, chart, or some kind of log to keep track of any community service or volunteering you do throughout the years.

For example, here is a chart with an example of community service hours and how you can keep track and log what hours you are doing, when they were done, and who to contact if more information or references are needed.

Screenshot 2019-03-14 at 11.37.44 AM.png

Making one of these charts will help you in the future when you have to refer back to what you have done in your high school years and it is a great way to stay organized

Volunteering can look good on applications, but it can also help you in shaping your character. When you volunteer it can make you feel a sense of worth and like you are making a difference. Volunteering can help reduce stress and keep your mind stimulated. It can challenge you to do and help with things you could of never saw yourself doing.

All in all, volunteering has a way of shaping people and without it many people would be very different than they are today. It is very important for those that haven’t gotten involved in volunteering and don’t join these opportunities to change that and start being a part of volunteering in their community. When you’re done volunteering you get a feeling of accomplishment and like you did something to make someone’s life or day better. This feeling is one of the greatest and young people that don’t take part in these opportunities are truly missing so much and should start taking part in the opportunities available to them.