Apple v. Android: Which is Better?

By Brianna Baldwin and Katie Keith

With the rise of technology, came a dependency upon it. Many teens today are addicted to their phones and these phones have become vital for the young generations we depend on for leading our world in the future. There are an abundance of companies, styles, and brands that contribute to this. The biggest debate between which phone is better is Apple versus Android. Breaking down the technological advancements in the two companies’ devices, specifically the iPhone Xr and the Samsung Galaxy S9 phones, both Apple and Android have advantages and disadvantages when compared to one another.


The first piece of Apple technology was created in 1976 by Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak. On January 3rd, 1977, Apple was created into a company, also known as Apple Inc. Over the past three decades, there has been groundbreaking improvements to the Apple technology. Their newest phone is the iPhone Xr [2018], which has a 12MP camera quality, face recognition, an A12 bionic chip, water resistance for up to thirty minutes, and wireless charging. An A12 bionic chip is a chip within the phone that has over 6.9 billion transistors. This is a 60% increase from the iPhone X, the model before. The A12 chip is 20% faster, while using 40% less power. Although these technological advancements are nice, there are negatives to the latest iPhone. The iPhone Xr is very costly, priced around $749. The HD display is 76K, not full HD. There is no dual camera set up, which means there is not a camera to capture the depth of field, making your quality suffer. For other models of iPhones, the newer updates that Apple provides cannot always correspond to the models. This causes the iPhones to slow down and not function to the full capacity.


The word Android references multiple devices including the new Google Pixel, the Moto Z, and the phones we will be focusing on today, Samsung. The latest phones that Samsung have released are the Galaxy S9 and Galaxy S9+. These phones have an AP 10nm chip, which helps the phones process information. This chip is the latest AP nm chip for the Samsung phones. This chip is going to be more energy efficient than the last phone, the S8. These phones have facial recognition as well as live emojis like Apple products. Also, much like Apple, these phones are water resistant and are capable of charging wirelessly. One of the most talked about features of the Samsung Galaxy S9 and S9+ is the dual camera. This camera is adaptive, comparable to the human eye, to varying intensities of light. But with all of these features comes a high price. Samsung Galaxy S9+’s cost between $700-$900. There are also some noticeable downfalls of these new phones such as the poor charging time and only 720p resolution.

The Poll Results

In a recent poll conducted by James River Knightly News on Instagram, it became clear that Apple is the fan favorite of phone options. Apple got 88% of the votes while Android received 12% out of a total of 77 voters. This poll is not representative of the world population because in 2018, it was found that Samsung sold 77.5 million smartphones while Apple sold 78.3 million, which is a very similar amount. Despite the amount of sales from Apple, the loyalty rate of Android is slightly higher, 89%-91%, than the loyalty rates of Apple, 85%-88% respectively. This means that 89%-91% of Android users continue to buy Android products instead of Apple while 85%-88% of Apple users continue to buy Apple products rather than Android. Even though these numbers are high, there are numerous people who change between devices depending on the latest model’s functionality, price, and capabilities.

Although the debate of Apple versus Android is much like cat versus dog. Everyone has their opinions and everyone has their favorites. The debate will never end as each company continues to grow and expand, exploring new ideas and technologies, and the public will continue to buy their favorite brand products as long as they are being produced. Both companies have their own benefits and drawbacks but everyone can find a phone or device that suits their needs and desires whether that be Apple or Android, it is up to the consumer to decide. Which do you prefer? Are you loyal to your favorite brand or do you change back and forth from time to time?