Water Fountains at our School

By Tessa Jones and Erin Walker

Humans need to drink water every day to survive, at least 64 mL per day to be exact, and James River High School students are no different. With nine accessible water fountains throughout the school, River students have many locations to choose from to obtain their daily hydration. But is everyone satisfied with the water that James River has to offer? Erin and I interviewed several different students about their favorite water fountains in the school, and what their opinion of the water quality overall in the school is.

The nine different water fountains that can be accessed by every student at River are:

  1. The one by back stairs and vending machine upstairs

  2. The one upstairs by the bathrooms across from Mrs. Sparks’ room

  3. The one next to Mr. Boblett’s room on English hallway

  4. The one by the band room on the way to the Spanish and CTE classrooms

  5. The one in the front lobby by the auditorium

  6. The one by the vending machine room downstairs across from the old gym  

  7. The one across from Mrs. Nagle’s room

  8. The one in the athletic lobby to the left of the weight room

  9. The one in the athletic lobby to the right of the weight room

Interviewed Anthony Etzler

E: Which water fountain is your favorite.

A: The one in front of the weight room.

T: To the left or the right of the doors?

A: The left one.

T: The left one? Why?

A: I don’t know.

E: Are you left handed?

A: I am!

E: I like that one too it’s really good!

T: What about the overall water quality in the school?

A: Depends on the fountain, the old ones aren’t very good. The one on math hall sucks.

Interviewed Karl Voight  

E: In your opinion, which water fountain is the best at James River High School?

K: Can I elaborate on the subject?

E: Go for it.

K: I call them drinking fountains. The best one is the one in the lobby where its filtrated. The other ones are full of junk, the one by the band room the water is white, the one on math hallway is equally as bad. All the other ones are pretty trash.

T: So that's your favorite because its filtered?

K: Yes and its colder, the one upstairs is too far away and not as cold.

T: How do you feel about the overall water quality?

K: Poor.

E: What do you look for in a drinking fountain?

K: Cleanliness, definitely. I don’t like seeing dip in it or gum.

Interviewed Gabe Sebastino:

E: In your opinion which water fountain is the best at James River High School?

G: The one in the main lobby.

T: Why?

G: Because it has the thing were you can fill up your water bottle.

E: What about the one upstairs?

G: I never use the one upstairs personally.

E: Why?

G: Actually there are two upstairs aren’t there? I didn’t know that I remembered that, I just never use them.

E: Ever?

G: Ever! I can’t even tell you what the water tastes like up there. See downstairs it tastes really refreshing, and cold. Yeah, it tastes good

T: What are your thoughts on the overall water quality here?

G: It stinks, I think it's terrible. The water I have at home has a different quality.

Interviewed Daniel Holter

T: What is your favorite water fountain in the school?

D: I would say, after classifying each by quality of pressure, as well as water quality overall, I would say that the upstairs dual purpose water fountain is the best. You can fill up your water bottle as well as drink from the spicket.

T: What’s the difference between that one and the one in the main lobby?

D: The one in the main lobby is used a lot and doesn’t have quite as high a pressure.

T: Do you have a least favorite?

D: There are several. My least favorite one is the one past the cafeteria, going down towards the art room.

T: What do you think about the overall water quality at James River High School?

D: I think it needs some work. I think there should be some water softeners, but not so much where it has no flavor. I don’t like the chlorine taste, especially when you get it cold and then it warms up, and it tastes really bad.

Interviewed Ethan Whitt

T: What is your favorite water fountain in the school?

E: Well, I’ve debated back and forth with Daniel Holter here, and I think I’ve come to a pretty good conclusion. For water bottle filling purposes, the one upstairs by the vending machine, that’s top notch. There are only two water bottle filling water fountains in the whole school, and the one downstairs is used so much that there’s water around it, but the one upstairs is nice and clean because nobody uses it. Now for drinking purposes, the one by the Spanish rooms is the best because the water pressure is enough to get it in your mouth, and it’s cold.

T: And what do you think about the overall water quality at James River High School?

E: It’s alright. I mean, it might be kinda gross if it gets warm in your water bottle. You can kinda taste the chemicals. Water pressure is a big issue. For the past two days, I’ve walked past the water fountain on the art hallway with an empty water bottle, go to fill it up, and it just dribbles out of the spicket. Not even enough to drink out of, much less, fill up your water bottle. So the water pressure is a top priority of the school that we need to fix.

Although each student had a differing opinion on which water fountain was their favorite, there is one fact that each Knight agreed upon: the water quality provided for students at James River High School is poor and could be better.