10 Reasons Why You Should Have A Plant In Your Room

By Evie Melvin

Plants, to some people, may seem like a chore. They have to be planted, watered, and even sometimes fertilized. They can be a big job for some if they have busy lives. Plants are responsibilities because thier life relies on the owner to take care of them. Many people that believe that plants are a stupid and time consuming thing don’t understand exactly what plants do for them.

They add a pop of color to your scenery

This may not seem like a very big deal, but in the world of high school it is. Many high schoolers, girls more so, redecorate all of the time. The colors that match with everything are the darker colors, and one may find themselves with an almost all grey room. Plants can aid in adding that color needed. They can be used as an inexpensive decoration.

They improve your sense of responsibility

Taking care of a plant, as I said before, is a huge responsibility. You will have to learn how to incorporate your plants in your everyday life. Being in high school myself, I felt I lacked this responsibility. It wasn’t until I got plants that I realized how much I have changed. I have learned that, if I want something to last I have to work at it. My plants would die over and over because I would forget to water them. Now, they flourish because I have learned what a responsibility they are.

They clear out illness

According to Elizabeth Palermo of LiveScience.com, plants use a method called phytoremediation. All plants use this method, inside and out. This method helps to alleviate pollution in air, soil or water. This cleans the air you breath, thus resulting in a diminishment in illness. This is very big if you are in high school. Believe it or not, high schools are terribly nasty. So many people catch illnesses from simply drinking from the water fountain. So, a plant in your room can ultimately aid in your illness going away faster.

They help improve your concentration

In a study conducted by the University of Michigan, expanded on by Melissa Breyer of treehugger.com, “Being “under the influence of plants” can increase memory retention up to 20 percent.” That is vast in today's society. This in high school is the best thing you could gain. Studying is not simple and it can be hard to remember, but having a plant in your room can help you tremendously!

Some plants can even add in helping you sleep!

Sleep is important to students in middle school, high school, college, and graduate school. Some of these kids have trouble falling asleep, which can result in altered thinking. Plants can help you have a good night's rest, but you have to have the right ones.  Some of these plants are, common ivy, peace lilies, snake plants, lavender, and valerian.

They keep air temperature down

Have you ever noticed that a plant’s leaves are colder than the air around them? That is because plants maintain their temperature. They also can help maintain the temperature around them. This can help when you family decides to cut off the AC and open the windows when it is 85 degrees outside. You can throw a fan on and sit in your room with your plants. You may be able to cool down.

Plants can clean the air you live in

Rooms can become so dirty. Dust can line literally every piece of furniture you own. Plants cover a lot of surface area, which can benefit you. By them holding a immense amount of surface area, they can filter out dust.  This in turn cleans the air and betters the quality. No more dust, no more fuss.

They help improve mental health

According to Karen Reed of ecowatch.com, “Researchers in the United Kingdom found that people who live around nature feel much happier than those that don't.” With the improvement of air flowing through your home, this can allow for better judgement. According to Reed, “Your brain feels less fatigued and cloudy, meaning all the connections are improved.”

Productivity is improved

By reminding yourself to water your plants, it opens up your mind to the other things you need to do. Following the responsibility, productivity is essential in an average high schooler’s life. According to Karen Reed, “you add color to your workspace or your home, giving your mind the mental boost it needs to improve your productivity.” With your productivity increased, more things get done, and your stress levels get lower.

Plants help lower background noise

Last but not least, plants help lower background noise. Have you ever been laying in your bed trying to fall asleep, and your fan won’t stop squeaking? Having plants in your room can help minimize this annoying sound, and others. This can also help with focusing and getting things done. This is key to a happy life.

After all of this information, plants seem like a solution to many problems high schoolers face. High school and even college can be demanding and stressful. It may seem like plants are just another thing added on to your plate, but look at the facts. Plants benefit you in so many ways, and all you have to do is plant them, water them, and (sometimes) fertilize them.