Is Chick-Fil-A Worth the Hype?

By Sarah Lam and Brooke Moran

In case you’ve been living under a rock your whole life, Chick Fil-A is a pretty big deal in the United States. Currently 47 States have a Chick Fil-A, the unfortunate states that do not are Alaska, Hawaii, and Vermont. This food-chain is very popular among kids, adults, and everyone in between. They have everything from a healthy chicken salad and fruit cup to a hand spun cookies and cream milkshake. The prices are reasonably cheap ranging anywhere from $2 to $12. They even offer catering for any event or party you happen to be hosting. All of this brings up the real question, is Chick Fil-A worth the hype? Is today’s generation overreacting or is it just that good? Here’s a list of our favorites and what makes them oh so delicious!

Chick Fil-A Chicken Sandwich:

The Classic Chicken Sandwich is what Chick Fil-A is known best for. This boneless chicken breast is perfectly seasoned, hand breaded, and then cooked in 100% refined peanut oil. Once it’s done cooking, it is served up on a toasted bun, lightly buttered to perfection with two pickles on top. One bite into this masterpiece and you will instantly be hooked. The combination of the slight taste of pickle, the tender chicken, and the buttered bun will have you melting away into your own heaven. If you haven’t tried Chick-Fil-A’s amazing chicken sandwich, then you are for sure missing out.

Waffle Potato Fries:

These fries are the best ones you will ever eat. They are waffle potatoes with the skin, cooked in boiling canola oil until crispy on the outside, but oh so tender on the inside. These fries go amazing with ketchup, polynesian, or their famous Chick-Fil-A sauce. They come with every meal on the menu or can be swapped out for any other side. You can get them in a small, medium, or if you really love them, a large. If you’re looking for some amazing fries, swing by the drive through and pick some up. It’s the best decision you’ll ever make.

Fruit Bowl (Catering Style):

I don’t know where Chick-Fil-A gets their fruit, but I want to know. The fruit is so delicious even when some of it is not in season. According to the Chick-Fil-A website, they describe the catering fruit tray as, “A great tasting nutritious food mix served chilled with Caramel Dipping Sauce on the side,” and that is 100% percent true. The fruit has a nice crisp taste and along with the caramel sauce it is heaven on earth. Even if you are not a fruit person, if you see Chick-Fil-A fruit at a party, I would highly recommend getting an entire bowl full, and go back for seconds as well.

Chicken Nuggets:

One of the biggest fan favorite at Chick Fil-A is their nuggets. Little pieces of cut up tender all breast meat chicken are seasoned to perfection. They are then hand breaded and thrown into 100% refined peanut oil where they are cooked to perfect timing. These are served up in 4, 8, 12, and even 30 piece counts. Take one bite and you’ll taste the crunchy breading and the warm juicy chicken. These nuggets go good with literally any sauce Chick Fil-A has to offer. If you are looking for a healthier alternative, they also have grilled nuggets! Same process, but they’re healthier if you’re looking for something to fit that New Year’s diet.

Grilled Cool Wrap:

If you want to eat healthy, do not want to cook, and do not want a salad, then the Grilled Cool Wrap is for you. This wrap contains some sliced grilled chicken, red cabbage, lettuce, carrots, and cheese blend on flaxseed flour flatbread. Since there are no dressings on the wrap, the person ordering gets to choose their own. You can choose from 8 different dressings, which are the same options they give for salads. The dressing I believe is best is the Avocado Lime Ranch Dressing. Although this dressing is on the thick side, the avocado pairs well with the amazing grilled chicken. Want to make the meal a tasty (and healthy) success? Get a small fruit cup to go with it! The two combined will fill you up and leave your body feeling great.

Hand Spun Milkshake:

The last item on our list is off their dessert menu. This is probably one of the best milkshakes you can get. Their hand spun “icedream” is served up with whipped cream and a cherry on top. This delicious treat comes in the flavors vanilla, chocolate, strawberry, and cookies and cream. Each flavor will leave you wanting more with the thickness and the creamy taste of ice cream. Whether its -12 or 80 degrees, you can get these milkshakes any day of the year and you will instantly fall in love.