18 Things You Can Do Once You Turn 18

By Sydney Newcomb

Is your 18th birthday coming up? Eighteen is a huge milestone and should definitely be celebrated with friends and family. But there are also many new legal things you can do the day you turn the big 1-8. Not only do you no longer need parental consent, but you can also do exciting new things. Here are just a few of the new things you can do on your big day!

Buy lottery tickets:  

One of the first things most 18 year olds do on their birthday is buy a lottery ticket. Whether it’s a scratcher ticket or the powerball, hopefully you’ll be lucky on your big day! Don’t go too crazy with lottery tickets though, according to Credit Donkey theres only a 1 in 175 million chance  you’ll win the big prize. But hey, if you win $20 on a scratcher, consider yourself lucky.


Voting is possibly one of the biggest responsibilities you have as a U.S. citizen. When you turn 18 you can finally register to vote. Not only can you vote in presidential elections, but you get to vote in general elections too. Being able to vote makes you feel like you're finally an adult.  

Go skydiving:

Ever wanted to jump out of a perfectly good plane nearly two miles up in the sky? Well on your 18th birthday that dream can become a reality. Your first several times skydiving you have to go with an instructor, but after that 25th jump and a license, you can go all by yourself. Make your 18th something to remember. Skydive Orange located in Charlottesville, Virginia would be a great place to celebrate!

Get a tattoo:

Although you can get a tattoo with parental consent before 18, the feeling of doing something on your own is something special. Just remember, tattoos are permanent and will be on your body forever. Just because you turn 18 doesn’t mean you have to suddenly go get a tattoo, you can wait. Be smart on your eighteenth, but still have fun!

Join the military:   

It might not be everyone’s dream birthday present to join the military, but for some people it is. When you turn 18, all males are still required to register for the draft. For some people, the military is what they want to do and when you turn eighteen if that’s for you, we thank you for your service and sacrifices!

Become a blood donor:

You might have given blood at your high school blood drives, but now that you're 18 you can go anywhere and give blood. Needles might not be your thing, but just think one pint of blood can save up to four lives. What’s a better way to celebrate your adulthood than saying you saved four lives that day?

Get a piercing:  

Most of us have piercings, but just like tattoos, once you’re 18 you can now go get them by yourself. Consider going places such as a tattoo and piercing parlor instead of somewhere like Claire's. Piercings aren’t permanent like tattoos, so go wild! Well maybe not too wild, nothing mom wouldn’t approve of!

Go bungee jumping:   

Not feeling skydiving? Maybe bungee jumping is more in your comfort zone. Although most people find plummeting off a bridge terrifying, what’s a better way to start 18? Unfortunately you might have to drive a ways away, like North Carolina to make this birthday wish come true.

Open your own bank account:

Opening a bank account is a pretty big deal. Most of us have savings accounts growing up, but once you turn 18 you can open your own account in your name. It’s starting to feel real now isn’t it? We’re really growing up, and it all starts with our finances.

Change your name:  

Changing your name isn’t the first thing you normally think about when you wake up on your 18th, but it’s something that can definitely be done. It’s a lengthy process to get your name changed, but if that’s something you’ve always wanted to do, your 18th birthday is definitely the day to do it!

See R rated movies:

Admit it, we’ve all snuck into a movie we weren't supposed to see before we were 18. Now, you don't have to worry about that. You can enjoy that buttery popcorn and thrilling R-rated movie more than ever before.

Book a hotel:  

ROADTRIP! Finally now that you're 18 you can take all the roadtrips you want and book all the hotels you want. But trust me, you’ll be surprised how much just a single night in a 3-star hotel can be. Oh the joy of growing up.

Get a full time job:  

You may already have a job, but once you turn 18 you’re eligible for more hours. According to the US Department of Labor, teens under the age of 18 are not allowed to work more than 40 hours in a non-school week, being 8 hours a day. But when your 18th rolls around, you’re eligible for more hours.


Vegas Baby! Well unfortunately you have to be 21 to go to the casinos in Vegas, but other casinos only require you to be 18. Hopefully that bank account will come in handy here! Not only can you test your luck with lottery tickets, but gambling can now be added to the picture.

Sue someone or get sued:  

Not everything about being 18 is bright and cheery. This definitely doesn’t mean you should go around suing everyone you don’t like. But if circumstances were to come up, you now have that opportunity.

Purchase fireworks:

The Fourth of July is officially your new favorite holiday. Although you can’t let off real fireworks without a permit in Virginia, you can still buy the ones they sell at those little tents in Walmart parking lots.

Become a homeowner:

Becoming a homeowner is a HUGE deal. Most 18 year old still live with their parents, and I know the day I turned 18 I was nowhere near ready to get my own place. But once the big day comes, you have the opportunity to move out on your own. Life is definitely starting to get more real.

Purchase a vehicle:

Most of us have a car by now, but sooner or later you’ll have to purchase another one. Being 18 means you can purchase a vehicle in your own name. Mommy and Daddy will no longer have to ask you for payments or pay for them, you’re an adult now.

Turing eighteen seemed like it would never come. But once you turn eighteen, remember how many responsibilities come with being an adult. But most importantly, remember to have fun while you’re doing it!