Welp, This Isn't Like High School Musical

By Sydney Newcomb

5 Things I Wish I Knew Before High School

Growing up, we always saw movies about how great high school was. High School Musical made almost every girl want to go to high school to find their Troy Bolton. But in reality, it's nothing like High School Musical. High school is studying, late nights, early mornings, and even more studying. We can definitely find those High School Musical moments here and there, but high school can get the best of us at times.  

I didn’t really know what to expect when coming into high school. I expected some late night homework but maybe not quite as much studying. You definitely feel how much your workload fluctuates from freshman to senior year. Freshman year seems like a breeze compared to the work we’re doing as seniors. If i knew more of what to expect and more thing to get involved in during high school, it definitely would've made a world of a difference.

Being a senior, I’ve definitely learned some things in the last four years of high school that I wish I would’ve known before entering high school. Some of them you hear all the time, and others are just from personal experience. Hopefully by following some of these steps and learning from my experience, plus adding things you learn along the way, it will make your high school experience almost as enjoyable as High School Musical.

I. Don't be afraid to be you!

First impressions during your high school career definitely matter, but that doesn’t mean to be fake. Don’t be afraid to be who you are; people are going to love you , not the person you pretend to be. Wear that daring outfit, put your hair up in that messy bun, do whatever you want as long as it’s you! People are too focused on themselves to be paying attention to your outfits, so try your best to make a lasting impression on them.

II. Branch out

Don’t be afraid to branch out of your old friend groups. Just because you’ve been going to school with the same people for most of your life doesn’t mean you can’t branch out once you get to high school. You’ll find that people are more open to making friends at this stage in life. Personally, I didn’t really branch out of my friend circle until senior year, but I have met some of the absolute best people that I know I will have a lasting relationships with. Branching out doesn’t just mean friends: join clubs or try new sports. High school is your prime time, make the most of it!

III. One grade is only one grade

It might seem like the end of the world when you get that test grade back that you thought you aced, but you ended up failing. Instead of freaking out, just take a deep breath. It’s not the end of the world. There’s plenty of time to bring up your grade, so don't stress about one silly grade. If you’re really concerned about your grades and it’s close to the end of the semester, don’t hesitate to talk to your teacher. The best thing you can do is take a deep breath and realize it’s only one grade and it’s not going to hurt your final grade that much.

IV: Friday night lights are possibly the best nights of your life

Yes, Friday night lights are totally worth all the hype given to them. There’s something so heartwarming about cheering in that student section, covered in flour, with the craziest outfits on that never gets old. Once we all get in that student section, we're no longer students. We’re a family, the Ratpack family. Nothing's better than cheering on our boys while looking absolutely insane at the same time, and nothing’s harder than saying goodbye to the Ratpack. With that said, remembering all the good times spent in that student section make it that much easier.

V: Don’t take this time for granted

Don’t take any of your four years in high school for granted. It flies by faster than you could ever imagine. One minute you’re walking the halls as a freshman, then you blink and you’re walking across the stage at graduation. You’ll look back at everything from the late night studying, to riding the river rats at games, the friendships you made, and every little thing that made high school enjoyable. Some days you’ll be more than thankful to get out of that place, but others, you’d do anything to go back for just a day. People will tell you this from the start, but don't blow it off. Take it to heart.

Although high school may not live up to some of our High School Musical expectations, it’s definitely been a fun ride. Without these five things, I never would’ve made it through the whole four years. At times it’ll be tough, but try your best to make it your own High School Musical!