7 One Direction Songs to Fit Your Mood

Photo by Sarah Lam

Photo by Sarah Lam

By Sarah Lam and Brooke Moran

While One Direction is still on their hiatus, you made find yourself reminiscing for the old days with your favorite boy band. With no new music being released soon, all we have is their past albums to listen to. Being the biggest boy band in the entire world, One Direction has five albums and a total of 83 songs. Dig up those old albums and turn the volume all the way up because here’s 7 One Direction songs to fit every mood!

When you’re happy: Happily

Like it says in its name, this song will definitely have you up and feeling good. Straight off of their album “Midnight Memories,” this is personally one of my favorite songs. Its upbeat rhythm with a touch of folk rock will have you clapping to the beat and stomping your feet. The chorus has an incredible use of different instruments that flow together so perfectly, it can change your mood in a heartbeat. So next time you’re feeling down, Happily is your go to. Don’t be afraid to have a dance party in your room next time this comes on shuffle.

When you’re sad: Over Again

“Said I’d never leave her cause her hands fit like my t-shirt.” This song will have you feeling a type of heartbreak you’ve never experienced before. Coming off their album “Take Me Home,” this is the tenth song on their album. You can feel the sadness radiating off their voices in this song. With a slow mellow tone throughout the whole song, it will make you want to cuddle up in a nice blanket and just let the tears flow. Ending the song with the lyrics, “And I will give you all my heart, so we can start it all over again,” this song is number one on my top ten sad songs of all time.

When you need a pick-me-up: Best Song Ever

“Said I had a dirty mouth, but she kissed me like she mean it, who wouldn’t want that?” Wanna make Niall do the shimmy, Zayn pirouette, and Louis do the splits? Want to listen to an amazing song that gives you the urge to jump on a table and perform a choreographed, eight-step routine? Watch the music video to Best Song Ever at the loudest volume possible. Being the first track on the album “Midnight Memories” along with other amazing songs, Best Song Ever will help you pick yourself up and turn your day around. Harry starts the song off strong and drags the beat into a chorus that is so much fun to listen to. Listen to it, even if you don’t need a pick me up, it’s just a great song anyway.

When you’re excited: No Control

You know that feeling you get where you get so excited you could just drop everything and jump for joy? No Control will give you this exact feeling the moment you listen to it. Coming off their hit album “Four,” this is the eighth song you will hear. This song is a fan favorite throughout the fandom for obvious reasons. The chorus will make you want to jump out of bed and instantly bust a move. This song will bring any room you are in instantly to life. What’s better than a One Direction song and hanging out with friends? Nothing! So grab some friends and rock out to this hit song. You won’t regret it.

When you miss summertime: Rock Me

Do you remember Summer ‘09? These boys sure do with their hit Rock Me. This is the seventh song off their hit album “Take Me Home.” This song starts off slow and mellow like a cool summer night. The chorus will want to make you go for a drive with your windows down and the cool breeze blowing your hair all over the place. Grab some friends and go for a swim; this should definitely be on your next Summer Vibes playlist.

When you’re lonely: Temporary FIx

The song title says it all. The song is about needing a “temporary fix” for the night. This song is track number fourteen off of the album “Made In The A.M.,” which is also the last album the band ever made together (as of now anyway). The song jumps right into a fun and upbeat tone with Niall Horan starting out. The chorus brings all the boys into a part in the song that just makes you want to jump around and scream out the song. The bridge with Harry and Louis singing puts you in an amazing, totally not lonely mood. If you are feeling lonely, this song makes you immediately want to go out and have fun somewhere.

When you’re in love: They Don’t Know About Us

Do people say you shouldn’t be together and are too young to know about forever? Well, screw them honestly. This song hits all of the high and low points of a relationship. Are you growing in love with someone? Have a hidden or frowned-upon relationship? This song is track number twelve on the “Take Me Home” album, and it can say for you what words cannot. I can guarantee this. From the issues of not knowing what love is because you’re too young, to telling the entire world you are together. They Don’t Know About Us is the song for people in love. Give it a listen, you wont regret it.