Senior Year

By Tyler St. Clair

Senior year, your final year in school. The one year that everyone looks forward to. The one year that you spend thirteen years of your life just to get to. The one year that ends with graduation.

Here I am, I’ve finally made it to senior year. I’ve made it through every class whether I wanted to take it or not, whether it was difficult or easy, fun or boring. I’ve been looking forward to this year for quite some time now and have been excited for graduation, and I still am. Yet here I am sitting in the same desks in the same classrooms with the same people around me, and with a lot of the same teachers doing the same work that I have dreaded doing for years now.

Graduation is merely a few months away and finally, all of the endless work, early days, and even later nights will come to an end. All of the quizzes, tests, and SOLs will all be over in a few months. You would think that I would be ecstatic, and to a certain extent, I am. I can’t wait for the freedom of post-highschool life, yet I don’t want it to end.

That’s right, I said it, I don’t want high school to be over.

Don’t get me wrong, I definitely won’t miss the vocabulary tests, essays, and analyzation of literature from hundreds of years ago in English class. The countless dialogues in Spanish class. The memorization of cell parts, elements on the periodic table, and classifications of rocks that we learned in science classes. The cramming of every bit of notes the block before the big math test. And most of all, I won’t miss reading multiple chapters in one night while taking notes only to find out that I had written all of the wrong information for the reading quizzes in AP U.S. history.

I won’t miss any of that one bit.

That being said, there is a bunch that I will miss. Starting with all of the friends that I have met along the way. Some I met in elementary school and have kept with them all the way through to now. Some I met in middle school when all of us were in a whole new fish pond not knowing each other, and some I didn’t meet until high school. I have grown so very close with people that I met in all three schools.

The memories that have come with these friends, new and old, are once in a lifetime. Memories that I wouldn’t trade for anything. The Friday night football games, the pep rallies, Powder Puff, and all of the homecoming festivities. Even some of the classes that I have taken have been a lot of fun and the people in them have made them that way.

But it’s not just the ¨in school memories¨ that have made high school what it has been for me. The Cracker Barrel breakfasts on two-hour delay days, the Chick-Fil-A/Cookout lunches, the all-night Netflix binges of bad horror movies, the two a.m. runs to Walmart to get a few frozen pizzas, the late night Black Friday shopping, the summer nights where we would stay out all night swimming and then laughing around a campfire, and so so many more memories that I wouldn’t trade for the world.

While trying to come up with a list of the positives, all of those negatives started to appear smaller and smaller as the positive list grew bigger and bigger. All of the negatives started to seem not as bad. All of the late nights, tests, and quizzes suddenly became worth it for all of the friends and memories that have come along the way, and all of the negatives are merely a small price to pay for all of it.

Part of me doesn’t want high school to end for the mere fact that I’m still not too sure on what I am going to be doing after high school and I’m sure I’m not the only one, but that isn’t what scares me. What scares me is losing touch with all of the people I have had the pleasure to meet and gotten to know and losing the memories that we have all made. And while I’m sure I will meet new friends and make new memories wherever I go, the ones that I have made for the past thirteen years of my life have made it all worth it and will not soon be forgotten.