JRHS Wrestling Takes Home Third in the District Tournament

By Evelyn Melvin

On Friday, February 4th, James River High School competed in the Three Rivers District wrestling tournament. There were six teams involved: Alleghany, Carroll County, James River, Floyd County, Radford, and Glenvar. These teams competed for the top individually and the top team. James River was placed at third with 159.0 points out of six teams. The first and second place winners being Carroll County with 200.0 points and Alleghany with 202.0 points. This is how the tournament unfolded individually.

Chase Cuddy placed first in the 106 pound weight class. During this match, which wasn’t very long, Chase pinned Seth Robinson of Carroll County is under two minutes. Chase is only a freshman and is already standing out in the 106 weight class. Chases overall record for the season is 39-8.  

Another place winner, was Chase Powell. Chase Powell placed third in the 113 pound weight class. Chase beat Isaac Brown of Carroll County by pin in four minutes and eleven seconds. Chase is only a sophomore and has many years of wrestling left in him. Chases season record is 28-15.

Wesley Ferguson placed third in the 120 pound weight class. Wesley battled his way to place in two minutes and eighteen seconds. The end of the battle resulted in Wesley pinning Jagger Brame of Radford. Wesley’s season record is 34-17. Wesley is only a freshman, but he shows a promising future as a wrestler.

At 126 pounds, Ian Hester placed first in the Three Rivers District Tournament. Ian wrestled his way to the top and won it all. In the end, he wrestled Jaden Poe of Carroll Country and won by major decision. Major decision means you beat an opponent by eight points or more. Ian won, 22 to 8, in the final match of the weight class. Ian’s record as a senior this year is 42-4.

Mason Stewart gained a third place spot this past tournament. Mason wrestled Seth Dunbar of Radford for this spot. In only two minutes and seven seconds he pinned Dunbar to claim third. Mason is only a sophomore this year. His season record is 32-13 and he is not stopping there.

At 152 pounds, Austin Miller claims third. In one minute and thirty one seconds, Austin pinned Logan Griffith of Floyd County. Austin’s overall record for the season is 13-17. Austin is a sophomore this year, and has been wrestling for two years thus far at James River. Two more years here, and he will continue to climb.

Addison McCaleb placed second overall in the 160 pound weight class. He was not pinned in the final match, thus he lost by points. Addison lost only by three points leaving the ending score being 8-5. Addison is a sophomore this year and has an up-and-coming future ahead of him. His overall season record is 29-14.

In the 170 pound weight class Caleb Shipwash steals second place. Caleb, wrestling Dustin Dalton of Carroll County, lost only by a mere one point. This left the ending score being 9-8. Caleb is a junior this year at James River and has been wrestling here for three years. His season record is 26-13.

In the weight class of 182 Declan Fulton placed third. For third place Declan did not wrestle off, in fact, he has a bye. A bye is when a wrestler is not required to wrestle anyone else in the weight class because of many reasons. Some reasons can be because there is no one else in the weight class. Others can be because of a forfeit. Declan is only a sophomore this year and has many years ahead of him. Declan's season record is 18-21, which he stated, was “better than last years.”

Coming in at 195 pounds, Corey Carson wrangles in third place. In this match Corey wrestled Matthew Thomas of Carroll County. Corey pinned Thomas in one minute and forty-eight seconds. Despite Corey’s worsening knees, he never lets his injuries stop him. He is a senior this year and determined to rise. Corey’s season record is 20-20.

Last but not least, at 285 pounds Levi Walker takes home first place. In this close match Levi wrestled Justin Hall of Alleghany. After six minutes of wrestling, these two hadn’t had enough. With the score being 1-1 they went into overtime. First they received one minute, then after nothing happened, they received two thirty second rounds. In the first thirty seconds Levi gained 3 points, and in the second thirty Hall gained one more point. This did not help in this case. At the end of the match the score was 4-2. Levi is a junior this year and his season record is 38-1.

If you would like to see our James River wrestlers compete again, join us at James River High School on the 9th of February. James River will be competing in regions at 9:30 a.m.  Their opponents will be, Appomattox County, Chatham, Dan River, Floyd County, Fort Chiswell, Glenvar, Martinsville, Radford. Come and support our wrestlers.