Heritage Invitational 2/02/2019

By Erin Walker and Tessa Jones

Last Saturday, February 2nd, the James River Knights traveled to Lynchburg to compete in the 2019 Heritage Invitational. This was the Knights’ last regular season meet, and many season bests were run! There was fierce competition, allowing the Knights to run against teams that were not normally seen during the regular season and to drop time on their own events.

The first event, the 55m dash, was run with four entries: Erin Walker, Ella Wright, Brenna Alls, and Rachael Hix. Walker placed sixth with a time of 7.77 seconds, Wright ran a season’s best time of 8.42 seconds and placed 31st, Alls ran a season’s best of 8.50 seconds and placed 33rd, and Hix also ran a season’s best of 8.51 seconds and placed 34th.

The Knights entered four runners into the 55m hurdles: Reagan Hester, Nikki Kirk, Holly Hylton, and Catherine Amos. Hester ran a season’s best time of 10.32 seconds and placed 8th, Kirk placed 12th with a time of 10.87 seconds, Hylton ran a season’s best time of 11.05 seconds and place 14th, and Amos also ran a season’s best of 11.58 seconds, earning her 19th place.

The 4x800m relay took off with Katelyn Wiley leading the Knights in the first leg of the race. Wiley handed off to Kayla Myers, who handed off to Catherine Amos, and gave the baton the final runner, Abbagail Link. The ladies placed 2nd place with a time of 11:15.02.

Kayla Myers was the lone entry for River in the 1600m. She ran 6:25.20, earning her 8th place overall.

Katelyn Wiley and Holly Hylton ran the 500m for River. Wiley placed third running 1:27.20, running a season’s best and qualifying for states. Hylton ran 1:42.51, earning 13th place.  

There were two entries for the Knights in the 1000m run. Catherine Amos took 8th place with a time of 3:54.51, and Tessa Jones placed 11th running 4:00.83.

In the 300m run, Erin Walker, Morgan Marshall, and Ella Wright competed for River. Walker earned 9th place with a time of 46.33 seconds, Marshall placed 16th running 47.96 seconds, and Wright placed 39th with a time of 53.94 seconds.  

Katelyn Wiley was the only high jumper for the Knights, jumping for the first time in her track career. Wiley high jumped 4-08.00 feet, placing 9th and qualifying her for the state meet.

Long jumping for River was Holly Hylton, Rachael Hix, and Morgan Marshall. Hylton jumped 14-00.50 feet and placed 22nd, Hix jumped 12-01.75 and placed 38th, and Marshall jumped 12-01.50, placing 39th.

Katelyn Wiley, Morgan Marshall, and Rachael Hix triple jumped for the Knights. Wiley placed second with a jump of 35-11.50 feet, also qualifying her for states. Marshall placed 19th with a jump of 28-02.00 feet, and Hix placed 20th, jumping 27-11.00 feet.

The 55m dash was run by four of the Knights: Ian Hester, Isaac Worseley, Gabe Sebastino, and Kahlique White. Hester placed 24th with a run of 7.16 seconds, Worseley ran 7.25 seconds and placed 27th, Sebastino ran 7.61 seconds placing 44th, and White ran 7.62 seconds, earning him 46th place.

In the 55m hurdles, Evan Akers placed 16th overall running 10.31 seconds.

In the 4x800m relay, Daniel Holter started off for the Knights. He handed off to Anthony Etzler, who passed the baton to Camden Powell, who then handed off to Jacob Hill to finish for River. The boys placed fourth with a time of 9:47.30.

For the 4x200m relay, Gabe Sebastino started off with the baton for the Knights. He handed off to Kahlique White, who handed off to Isaac Worseley, who had the final handoff to Ian Hester. They boys ran 1:47.52 placing fourth overall.

Anthony Etzler and Camden Powell ran the 1600m race. Etzler placed sixth overall running 5:18.63, and Powell placed ninth with a time of 5:25.63.

For the 500m run, Daniel Holter, Evan Akers, and Owen Krisnitski ran for River. Holter ran 1:22.39, running a season’s best and placing 14th, Akers placed 16th with a time of 1:24.02, and Krisnitski placed 17th running 1:24.08.

Jacob Hill was the only male entry in the 1000m run. He placed 21st with a time of 3:37.44.

In the 300m run, Ian Hester and Kahlique White represented the Knights. Hester placed 13th running 42.17 seconds, and White ran 43.88 seconds placing 26th.

Long jumping for River was Isaac Worsley and Kahlique White. Worsley placed 14th with a season’s best jump of 18-03.25 feet, and White placed 24th with a jump of 17-06.25 feet.  

Isaac Worseley and Kahlique White also triple jumped for the Knights. Worsley triple jumped another season’s best of 38-10.25 feet placing sixth, and White triple jumped 36-07.00 feet placing tenth.

The Heritage Invitational was the last regular season meet for the Knights. River will compete in the Regional next Friday, February 15th, at Roanoke College before the State Meet the week after.