Boys Basketball v. Glenvar

By Alyson McCullough and Brooke Moran

Week of January 22nd

For any athletic team, there are those couple of teams that are always tough to beat, but the games are very good and well played. Well, for the James River Knights, the Glenvar Highlanders are one of those teams in every sport the school plays. These two teams are very strong contenders in the Three Rivers District. When watching these two teams play, it is sure to be a very competitive game. Spectators are never sure who is going to win, but they are aware that it will be a close, eventful game. Then, when the Knights play the Highlanders again later in the season, the team who lost is ready to fight back and is ready to get their revenge and take the win.

On January 2nd, 2019, the James River High School boys basketball teams traveled to Glenvar High School. The junior varsity starters for the first match between James River and Glenvar were Ryan Steger, Isaiah Moran, Cole Miller, Heath Andrews, and Jacob Alderson. After a close, hard-fought game, the junior varsity boys came out on top in the last few minutes of the game and won with a final score of 42-35. Eighth-grader Ryan Steger, who is one of two eighth graders, lead his team with twenty-one points scored for the night.

The starters for James River varsity boys for their game against the Highlanders were River Clonch, Walker Andrews, Patrick Clevenger, Devin Cheatwood, and Owen Marshall. Sophomore Walker Andrews led the Knights in points scored with sixteen for the night, four of his six shots were three-pointers. The game was close and James River continuously held the lead, but the Highlanders were determined to win and continued to fight until the very last second, literally. James River lost the game at the buzzer because of a layup made by the Glenvar Highlanders. The final score of the game was 39-41, a true heartbreaker for the Knights.

On January 22, 2019, the Glenvar boys traveled to James River High School for the second round of games. For the junior varsity team, the starters were Heath Andrews, Isaiah Moran, Cole Miller, Jacob Alderson, and Jake Braun. Isaiah Moran, a sophomore captain, led the team in scores with eleven points within the last two minutes of the junior varsity game. Sophomore Jacob Alderson received five fouls and ultimately fouled out of the game. The boys took this game into overtime after being tied 25-25. The Knights pulled out a win in overtime 25-29.

James River High School’s varsity boys were out for blood because of the tragic loss of the last game against Glenvar, so they came out ready to fight, especially on their home court. The game started with Will Miller, River Clonch, Walker Andrews, Devin Cheatwood, and Patrick Clevenger on the floor. For the entirety of the game, it was a close score and both teams continued to switch off with who held the lead. Walker Andrews clung tight to his reputation of scoring the most points for the team, scoring twenty points during this game, four of the eight shots being three-pointers. River Clonch held the second place position with five points scored, one three-pointer and one two-pointer. After the hard-fought game, James River fell short with a final score of 41-30, resulting in a victory for the Glenvar Highlanders.

On January 24th, 2019, the James River Knight's played Giles High School. The starters for the junior varsity game were Isaiah Moran, Heath Andrews, Jake Braun, Jacob Alderson, and Cole Miller. Eighth-grader Ryan Steger led the team scoring eighteen points. The junior varsity team pulled out a win over Giles 58-34. For the varsity team, this game was senior night. James River has seven seniors on their team this year. The starters were Patrick Clevenger, Devin Cheatwood, River Clonch, Walker Andrews, and Will Miller. The Knights and Spartans stayed head-to-head the entire game, but the Knights pulled out a win 63-51. The team has won both games, home and away, against the Spartans.

The Knights will host Radford High School on Wednesday, January 30th, 2019. The junior varsity games will start at 5:30 pm and the varsity boys games will start at 7:00 pm. Then, on Friday, February 1st, 2019, both boys teams will hit the road and travel to Floyd County High School to play at 5:30 pm and 7:00 pm. Admissions are five dollars at James River and concessions are available. Please come support your James River Knights at their upcoming games. See you there!