Where Do We Go From Here?

A Seniors Guide To Graduation and Choosing The Perfect Path

By Sydney Newcomb

May 22nd is going to be here before we know it. We have big decisions to make and some of us have even bigger moves to make. Being a senior we always get asked questions like “Where are you going next year?” or “What colleges are you thinking about?” and sometimes these questions get pretty overwhelming. How are we so sure we’re going to pick the right college for us? Here are some Steps to helping you find the perfect college:

Photo by Sydney Newcomb

Photo by Sydney Newcomb

1) Think about you first

You’re going to college for yourself, to get a good education, to have a good job, and so you can excel in the future. Don’t let anyone pressure you, not even your parents. Even if they are helping to pay for college, you still have say it’s fully you’re decision.

2) Do You Feel Comfortable?

You should definitely feel like you’re at home whenever you’re at college, if it doesn't feel that way it might not be for you. You might have dreamed of going somewhere your whole life but once you visit there you’re not in love, it might not be your dream college anymore. Can you see yourself being there for up to four years?

3) Make Sure You Give Yourself Options

Make sure you visit all colleges you’re thinking about so you get a feel for all of them. By visiting them you really get to know the environment and the way you’ll feel while you’re attending that college. When visiting colleges you have to look at things such as the size of the college, the dorms, the campus layout, the halls, everything!

4) Don’t Base Where You Want To Go On Where Your Friends Are Going

It always hard to leave your friends behind when you go to college, but basing one of the biggest decisions of your life based on them could greatly impact you, and not in the best way. You and your BFF don’t always agree on things right? So how could you possibly agree on the same college? Whether it’s your best friend or your boyfriend or girlfriend you still shouldn’t base your decision solely on their decisions. Make college your own, don’t follow in somebody else's footsteps.

5) Cost

Cost can definitely be a big issue in some cases, but if that’s the only thing holding you back from your dream college GO FOR IT! You can apply for scholarships and apply for financial aid which can help significantly. Even community colleges offer great scholarships like CCAP and Dabney Promise where you could attend those community colleges for up to three years for free! There are plenty of options that can help financially with college, so don’t let cost be the only thing holding you back.

6) Don’t Wish It All Away, Enjoy The Last Part Of High School

I know, college can be SUPER stressful. All these essays and applications we have to do, when is it ever going to end right? You’ll get there I promise, May 22nd is closer than you think. Don’t wish your time away while you’re here once you’re gone you’ll miss  it. Make the most out of every little moment you have left!

Is College right for me? College isn’t for everyone, and that’s okay! There are plenty other options, you can go straight into the workforce or Join the military. Only 34.4% of Americans don’t enroll in college after high school, whether that’s taking a gap year, going straight into the workforce, or the brave few that join the military. So how do you know if college isn’t for you?

  1. You’ve been in college for a couple years and still have no idea what you want to do.

  2. You feel like the only reason you’re going to college is for your parents.

  3. You already know what you want to do or already have a job lined up.

According to, Georgetown did a study showing people who get a college degree earn around $1 million more than those who choose not to. It’s always worth a shot to go to school, even if its community college. There’s absolutely nothing wrong with going to community college! If you find that college really isn’t for you, that’s okay! Pursue whatever you feel like you have a strong career in and can make a living at.

Whatever you decide to do next year, just be confident in your own choice. Whether it’s college, the military, or you go straight into the workforce you’ll know once you get there if you made the right choice. You have family and friends behind you supporting you no matter what you decide to do!