Buti Yoga

By Bailey Marshall and Rachel Epperly

On March 29th, Gina Wheeling hosted a fast-paced exercise class called “BUTI” yoga. Beginning at 7:00 p.m., the high intensity workout lasted approximately an hour and a half. Around thirty women united in the private room at Tizzone located at the Daleville Town Center to participate in the event.  

Women arrived from surroundings areas around 6:40 p.m. to prepare themselves for the class. Provided in the room were glow in the dark markers and glow sticks. The participants spent around twenty minutes fellowshipping and decorating their bodies with the glow materials. Additionally, the room was completely closed off, illuminated by strobe party lights while upbeat music played.

After they were all “glowed up”, the women found a spot on the floor with their yoga mats. Soon, Ms. Gina Wheeling and her assistant began gathering the class around for initial instruction. Participants were informed that the exercise session was a mix of pilates and yoga combined with fast tribal movements. Gina encouraged class members to move through the workout with purpose in order to have a total mind and body experience that served as a stress reliever.

Towards the beginning of the workout, movements started out slow so participants could get a feel for the style of the class. After about ten minutes, the speed of the songs picked up and the beat intensified as the movements and yoga positions became quicker and more advanced. Even though there were many advanced movements involved in the workout, the instructors provided modification options for those starting on the beginner level. As the workout progressed, so did the energy in the room as women became more and more comfortable with the environment, and started to become more aware of what their bodies were needing and experiencing.

The main difference between this and many other traditional yoga classes was the fast pace and tribal movements incorporated throughout. This class also provided a fun atmosphere which was inviting and exciting. Gina made sure that every women that came felt welcome and encouraged throughout the entire class. Throughout the workout, there was music and lights that created a vibrant atmosphere, which provided an exciting physical, mental, and even spiritual experience.

As the music began to slow down, the women were encouraged to find a comfortable spot on their mat as the instructors came around and offered them a damp towel fused with essential oils. The participants used that time to meditate and cool down their muscles. Soft music played as those involved calmed their heart rates, using the time to listen to their mind and bodies.

This class is a wonderful opportunity for people to relieve stress while working out, burning calories, and having fun all at the same time. It was a fast paced class, but it was full of positive and encouraging energy throughout the whole night. The class closed with three hard slaps to the ground to end as a whole and release the final energy that was remaining. Everyone was encouraged to come back and take another class when they could, knowing that continued participation would have positive effects on each participant.

At the conclusion of the class, participants were offered a drink of their choice and a Tizzone meal with a 25% off discount. Those that could not stay and partake were given a gift card so that they knew they were invited to come back at their convenience. There were also free Rodan and Fields samples to take home.

We encourage you to take a class from these women if you get the opportunity and take part in the incredible experience that they offer.