A Bachelor’s Guide: The Short Report

By Ian DeHaven

For three long, hard months, we have worn long clothes and covered our legs. We have tolerated days where the chilly morning yielded into a pleasant afternoon, leaving us overdressed and overheating. We have abandoned the shorts, a staple garment for casual wear allowing comfort and mobility otherwise impossible in jeans.

But that’s over! To celebrate, here’s a handy weather report from your local bachelors with a focus on what days are okay to once again bust out your favorite shorts.

Sunday, March 24th

This coming Sunday will be a perfect day to wear shorts; the high will be around 64 with a low of around 46. It will be cloudy, but with the temperature in the 60s it should be a perfect day to spend outside in your shorts. You may want to carry a light jacket with you if you get a bit chilly, but make sure to have your shorts on. The first weekend of spring will be an astonishing welcome to the new season and the now-neglected corner of your wardrobe that will now proudly come back into effect.

Monday, March 25th

Monday will be a rainy day, so you may want to bring the jeans back out. The temperatures will range from 36 on the lower end to 65 on the higher end. So while the temperature will definitely be warm enough to wear shorts, if you are afraid of getting wet, you may want to stick with the jeans. Either way, if you are going out you are going to want to have a rain jacket and maybe even an umbrella with you, or maybe just stay inside and nap to the sound of the warm spring rain coming down.

Tuesday, March 26th

Tuesday the rain will start to clear out and we will begin to start seeing some sunshine once again. With a forecast of partly cloudy and temperature ranging from 29 to 53, you will probably want some longer pants for this cooler day. It may be warm in the sun, but once you step into the shade, you will get a bit chilly. If you are brave enough to face the cooler temperatures, wear shorts with a jacket, but most people will want to stick with longer pants.

Wednesday, March 27th

Wednesday is an entirely sunny day with a low of 31 and a high of 57. Slight winds outside may turn the faint of heart away from wearing shorts, but the unwavering sunny weather still allows for shorts to be comfortably worn. Just like on Tuesday, you should bring a jacket with you just in case you want to remain adequately warm even without longer pants on.

Thursday, March 28th

Thursday looks cloudier than Wednesday does, but a temperature range of low 39 and high 64 puts it as an arguably more favorable day to wear take your shorts around the town. Some winds will require a windbreaker, but should offer no pause to anyone looking to proudly re-introduce shorts into their wardrobe.

Friday, March 29th

Friday follows Thursday’s trend of being a day cloudier than the last, but offering even higher temperatures for anyone looking to dress in summertime attire. Low of 50 and high of 68 makes Friday especially inviting for wearing shorts, even with the same chilly wind blowing past your exposed legs.

Saturday, March 30th

Ending the trend of mere progressive cloudiness, Saturday brings rain and with it a temperature range from low 50 to high 69. Long pants are advisable on rainy days like this to avoid getting excessively wet, so take an umbrella and consider leaving the shorts at home this time. Feel free to wear them if you are feeling especially adventurous, though; after all, taking risks is an integral component of the fashion world.

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Weather forecast here: https://weather.com/weather/tenday/l/24090:4:US