Abuelo's Experience

By Elizabeth Rice

My friends and I ate at the Mexican restaurant, Abuelo’s, last Friday at seven. There was many reasons why we enjoyed the experience.

The hosts were very polite and explained to us that we had to wait but as soon as they had an open seat, they would clean it off and then let us have it. They also had nice comfortable benches for us to sit down while waiting.

The hosts then directed us toward a table near the middle of the restaurant. I thought the table had enough room for all of us to eat comfortably. It also helped that it was a six person table, and we were a group of five, so that we could put the stuff in the spot where nobody was sitting.

The waiter almost immediately gave us chips and three different kinds of sauces. He explained what the sauces were and that the third one had the most spice. I personally did not think the chips and sauces were that great. However, I also do not care for spicy foods, and two out of the three sauces were spicy.

The chips were also thin. The sauce in the middle was green, and my friends and I honestly thought the sauce tasted like leaves. My friends also didn’t think the sauce was that spicy, so they asked for the spiciest sauce the restaurant had which was actually spicy.

The waiter then came back and asked us for our drinks order and gave them to us in a reasonable amount of time just like he did for our meals. When he asked us for our orders, I ordered the Shrimp Mojo Tacos which is shrimp with Mexican-style garlic butter sauce, diced tomatoes, napa cabbage, fresh mango relish, carrots and creamy cilantro lime. I enjoyed the whole meal but particularly liked the mangos because they were sweet but not too sweet that it took over the rest of the taco.

The sauce with my meal also very good. I honestly am not sure how to explain it but it was different than any sauce I’ve ever had even though it was just garlic butter sauce, but I guess it’s because it had a Mexican style twist. Overall, the meal was very delicious and worth the eighteen dollars.

As far as the building, it is a big and beautiful restaurant.  The ceiling was painted like the sky. Also, as soon as we came in there was a very tall and cool looking statue.

Don’t just hear it from me though!

My Friend’s Reviews:

Tessa J: “I thought the hosts were very nice greeting us right away and giving us a waiting time right out of the gates to give us a heads up, and they were very quick to seat us. The service and server was also really good! The server never let our drinks get below halfway and was very nice and knew the menu really well. The meal was FANTASTIC. I think the price was reasonable for the amount of food that each meal was and how good it was. I really liked the atmosphere of the restaurant, and it was lowkey and chill. I didn’t like the fact that the music was loud, so to hear the group talk to you had to halfway yell to be heard.”

Erin W: “The hostess was very helpful! She was quick to find us a table and kept us updated on the table’s availability even though the restaurant was busy and she had other things to do. She was very nice and complimented my sweater! The waiter was also very nice and stayed patient with our indecisive group of friends including me. My meal was very good! It wasn’t the very best I’ve had, but the rice was amazing! I also am not a big fan of beef tacos, so it’s my fault that I didn’t like my meal. I liked the ceiling, it was painted like the sky and added a good touch. I didn’t like how open and big it was. I felt exposed. Overall, it was nice!”

Maggie S: “The waiter was fun, had great attitude, and was patient. My meal was excellent. I like how it feels like a hotel. I don’t like the overwhelming menu.”

Hours: Monday 11AM-10PM

Tuesday 11AM-10PM

Wednesday 11AM-10PM

Thursday 11AM-10PM

Friday 11AM-11PM

Saturday 11AM-11PM

Sunday 11AM-9PM

Address: 4802 Valley View Blvd NW, Roanoke, VA 24012