By Sarah Lam & Brooke Moran

Billie Eilish just dropped her debut album and fans all around the world are losing their mind. Billie, who is only 17 years old, has topped the charts and is expected to be the second biggest album drop of 2019. This has everyone talking about the fourteen hit songs on the album. Here’s our review on Billie Eilish debut album,  “WHEN WE ALL FALL ASLEEP WHERE DO WE GO”.


This track is basically just the intro to the whole album. It is a total of thirteen seconds long, and you can hear Billie saying “I have taken out my invisalign and this is the album. It is then followed by her laughing which basically sums up her goofy personality.

bad guy

“bad Guy” seems to be a fan favorite off of the album. It is currently #1 on the Top 100 Global on Apple Music. Unlike a few other songs on the album, “Bad Guy” has a fast, upbeat beat. Filled with many different beats and musical effects, this track has an electric vibe to it that will leave you wanting to party it up with your friends. The end of the song includes an interlude that changes beats and leaves you thinking it’s a whole new song. “Bad Guy” is probably one of my favorites on the album.


“xanny” is the next track on the album, and it takes a slower turn. It starts off with more of a jazz vibe, and what sounds like the background of a fancy restaurant. The chorus breaks out with a vibration effect on Billies voice. The rest of the song is filled with soft, peaceful choruses. The use of piano and drums, along with some jazz instruments, is present in this catchy tune. The end of the song has no instruments present with just Billie’s vocals and humming.

you should see me in a crown

The title says it all. This song will want to make you put on a crown and rock your stuff down a runway. Starting off slow and low, it quickly breaks into a loud and upbeat chorus that you can’t help but dance to. The balance of slow and fast verses in this song balance each other out perfectly. This is a song of empowerment, and it should definitely be on your next playlist. Eilish wasn’t lying when she said she was  wearing a “warning sign” on this track. The use of vocals and beats flow together perfectly, making for a nice alternative sound.

all the good girls go to hell

In the beginning you will hear what sounds like church bells, which turns into a nice groovy beat. With the church bells, this song bounces back and forth between the ideas of heaven and hell. Billie talks in this song about how her “Lucifer is lonely” and how “all good girls go to hell ‘cause even God herself has enemies”. This song (along with all of her other music) is very dark. A person who has an entire song dedicated to God’s enemies is a girl who has something to say.

wish you were gay

“How am I supposed to make you feel okay when all you do is walk away?” This one line can be relatable to mostly any person because we all have the one relationship where people would walk away. “wish you were gay” stands at #5 on the Global Top 100. The beat in this song is more upbeat than her other songs on the album, but the lyrics are everything but upbeat. This song is more of a depressing break up song base on the lyrics “All you do is look the other way” and “don’t say I’m not your type.” Will all of these feelings, she just wishes this love of her was gay so it could spare her the heartbreak she is feeling.

when the party’s over

I’ll call you when the party’s over. Starting off with soothing vocals, this song will instantly give you chills. “when the party's over”  was released as a single before the album. It’s known for its interesting music video where black liquid starts to pour out of Billie’s eyes as she’s singing into the camera. . The chorus soars with strong vocals and a piano playing in the background. The rest of the song is filled with sweet, soft vocals that make you wish you could sing as good as this. This song is definitely a fan favorite.


Who am I to be in love, when your love is never for me? “8” starts off strong with a ukulele vibe that will make you feel happiness flow throughout you. High pitched vocals start to be played and the drums soon join in after along with a background noise of trumpets. This is a song to listen to when you’re feeling good and just chilling enjoying life. The vocals return to a normal pitch after the first few voices, and Billie sings saying “what do you feel, do you even feel anything?” which is something that lots of people can totally relate to. This shows you how real of an artist Billie Eilish is and how most of her songs are geared towards problems everyone faces. This is was makes her such a huge hit among this generation.

my strange addiction

No billie, I haven’t done that dance since my wife died. “My strange addiction” stands at #6 on the Global Top 100. This song is popular among fans of the TV show “The Office” because of its reference at the beginning. This song is a song that can be danced to easily. The beat is a favorite by anyone who listens to it and comes with a chill vibe. It has the same beat throughout the entire duration of the song. This is one of the few songs on the album that can be played at you’re next party. Everyone will enjoy getting down to this catchy song.

bury a friend

When we all fall asleep, where do we go? The iconic album title came from a line in this song. In the background of the song, you can hear the sounds of the weird music that plays during horror movies before something bad happens. “Bury a friend” holds it spot on the Global Top 100 at #3 on the chart. This song is one that you can seriously get down to just because of the beat. The beat is very catchy while the words are more of a whisper. Then, right when you think the song is going to stay quiet, there is a huge beat rise to top the song off.


Where did you go? This two minute and thirty seven second song tends to be one of the songs on her album that is more on the pop side rather than alternative. There is what sounds like a triangle being played in the background that give a fairy tale beat to the song. According to the lyrics though, this song is everything but fairy tale. With “I don’t wanna be lonely, was hoping you’d come home” being one of the ending lyrics, it shows how her music does have a darker meaning.

listen before i go

“Take me to the rooftop, I wanna see the world when I stop breathing, turning blue.” “listen before i go” takes a darker turn on the album with a slow sorrowful beat. There are ambulance sirens in the background towards the end of the song, which makes you think someone is dying during the song. With the lyrics “sorry can’t save me now” Billie thrived in putting a deeper meaning into this hit song. This song will definitely make you feel a sense of sadness when you first listen to it. She makes sure to let her friends know she loves them in the end of the song and that she is sorry.  Listen to this song on a sad, cloudy, rainy day for the best effect.

i love you

I love you, but I don’t want to. “i love you” instantly hits you with a slow flowing guitar sound that leaves you feeling like you are flying through heaven. This slow vibe lasts throughout the whole song. “i love you” will definitely have you in your feels throughout the whole song. The mix of the soothing music and the soft vocals put off by Eilish will have you hooked from the start. Her voice gets louder leading up to the chorus and explodes into a soft but powerful verse. If you’re going to listen of any of Billie’s song’s, let it be this one.


“goodbye” is the last track on Billie’s debut album. It’s different from all the other songs on her album. It’s a song filled with mostly vocals and a few subtle instruments in the background. This song takes some lyrics from all of the tracks, and combines then to make a final send off to her album. This track is a nice cool down from all the emotions you will feel while listening to the album.