Netflix’s What Happened to Monday

By Brianna Baldwin and Katie Keith

Warning: spoilers!

What Happened to Monday, Netflix’s most recently released film, is captivating as it presents an idea that is possible in the next few hundred years: a high population and no food. The first solution was to genetically engineer our crops in order to produce food faster, but these modifications caused women to have higher likelihoods of having more than one child per pregnancy. This causes a new policy to be implemented, only allowing the first born of every family to live in this day, the rest are put into a cryogenic sleep. This is meant to allow the children to be free of hunger and pain until the population size is reduced and food is plentiful.

However, some families are not willing to give up any of their children, even if there are multiple. This description fits the mother of the main characters, Karen Settman, as well as her father, Tarrence Settman. When the main characters were born, the mother of the 7 identical siblings (septuplets) died due to the lack of medical equipment as she did not want to be reported for having more than one child. Tarrence, her father as well as the septuplets’ grandfather, decided to take the children in under his care and name them, by order of birth, after each day of the week. This was meant to allow them each out of the house, each day corresponding with their names, and not allow anyone to know they were more than one person, Karen Settman, named after their mother. Although the siblings are identical in physical features, each of them are very different from the others in their personalities and the way they express themselves at home. Monday is very professional and acts as the leader of the group as she was the first born, her personality was chosen, by Terrence, to be the public personality. Tuesday is very anxious and is always eating or finding ways to help her relax. Wednesday is physically fit and can be found working out often while at home. Thursday is a tom-boy and has felt guilt since sneaking out in her childhood and hurting her hand while skateboarding, resulting in the amputation of the tip of her left pointer-finger; this meant the rest of the children had to sustain the same injury in order for them all to remain the same. Friday is very intelligent and tech savvy, but also very anxious and shy. Saturday can be described as a party-girl and regularly brags about parties she has been to and how much fun she had at them. Sunday is called “the believer” and helps maintain the peace between sisters as problems arise.

As the movie continues, Monday is threatened by a coworker, Jerry, and doesn’t return home after her day at work and the rest of the sisters begin to worry about her. The next day, the sisters decide to send Tuesday to work anyway, as the C.A.B. had not already knocked the door down, as they would if they knew siblings were being hidden. Tuesday finds information and makes a deal with Jerry to keep their secret, but that she had to think about it. After work, C.A.B. agents put her into a black van and take her to the Bureau headquarters. Agents then attack the remaining 5 sisters in the apartment but loose to the sisters, but only after killing Sunday. Wednesday then goes out and talks to Jerry to find out what information he knows. More agents found her and proceeded to kill her, along with Jerry. Saturday goes out with a man that Monday had a relationship with, named Adrian, where she was found by C.A.B. agents found and killed her. Thursday and Friday begin to run, but Friday returns to the apartment to sacrifice herself in order to save Thursday, and possibly Monday as they are still clueless as to what happened to her. Thursday then devises a plan to find Monday with Adrian.

They head to the hall where Cayman was giving her election speech to try find Tuesday and stop Cayman. Thursday and Adrian find the sister, Tuesday and break her out of the prison cell. Thursday, Adrian, and Tuesday go into the feed room, so Tuesday can play the video of the “cryogenic freezing process”, which is actually having the given siblings exploded. Thursday, now dressed like Monday, takes the place of Monday until they have a confrontation in the bathroom. Monday and Thursday have a full-on fist fight until Thursday shoots Monday, assuming it is fatal. This shot is unclear if it is Thursday or Monday that is starting to bleed out. Cayman gave her address of running for office when the video of the cryogenic freezing goes up onto the screen, exposing the true process. The lady comes over to Monday or Thursday, and she removed the wig, revealing it to be Thursday. Monday, severally hurt but alive, comes back into the room to shoot Thursday but gets shot again. This shot sends her into the process of dying on the floor. Thursday goes over to her and looks Monday in the eye. Monday holds her lower stomach and whispers “protect them” as she finally dies. Monday was pregnant and knew her sisters could not all get pregnant and sold them out. The movie ends with Thursday, Tuesday, and Adrian looking at Monday’s two twin babies in a lab as they continue to grow. Adrian said what he could call Tuesday, who responded with Terrie. Thursday looks at Adrian and says “Karen. Karen Settman.”