Netflix’s The Umbrella Academy

By Katie Keith

*warning: spoilers / sneak peek*

Netflix is known for its iconic original TV shows and films, but with The Umbrella Academy, they really went above and beyond. The Umbrella Academy is based on a comic book written by My Chemical Romance vocalist, Gerard Way. This comic book is about 43 women across the world giving birth without being pregnant in 1989. These children being born only within minutes of becoming pregnant is very unusual, leaving the children to be unusual as well. Each child has a specific power. These powers caught the eye of Reginald Hargreeves, an erratic, rich inventor. Reginald adopted seven of the children and training them to save the world. Number One, who is known as Luther, is played by Tom Hopper. Luther has incredible strength and resilience. Number Two, Diego, is played by David Castañeda. Diego is a helpful troublemaker who can throw knives exactly where and how he wants. Number Three, Allison, is played by Emmy Raver-Lampman. Allison is a talkative young girl who can control people’s actions by saying “I heard a rumor”. Number Four, Klaus, is played by Robert Sheehan. Klaus is a troubled junkie who suppresses his powers of seeing the dead by getting thrashed. Number Five, Five, is played by Aidan Gallagher. Five is a badass who can leap through time and space at will. Number Six, Ben, is played by Justin H. Min. Ben had a very unusual power, even more so than his siblings. Ben can summon large tentacles through a dimensional portal underneath his skin, which makes him the ultimate weapon. Sadly, Ben died a graphic, violent death which has yet to be said how, but with Klaus’s powers, Ben is still a repetitive character.  The last member of the Umbrella Academy is Vanya, played by Ellen Page. Vanya is just an ordinary girl. Her whole life she was told she was not special and that she is not a true member of the Academy. Vanya had always been jealous of her siblings, so she wrote a book and exposed every bad thing about them. The Academy parted ways, but what brought them back together?

After years of being separated, the children, now adults, came home to the Academy when Reginald was found dead in his bedroom from heart failure. Allison had become a world famous actress from using her powers, Luther was sent to the moon for four years and studied it, Diego was a crime fighter, Klaus was in rehab although failing to stay sober, Vanya was third chair on the orchestra with the violin, and Five had been lost for years. The family is dysfunctional and out of order, the funeral does not go as planned. After years of being missing, Five reappears, the same as he left. When Five jumped through time, he ended up getting stuck in the apocalypse and having to survive on his own for 58 years.  Five had been rescued by Commissions, which controls time to make sure everything that needs to happen happens. After surviving 58 years, killing countless people through time with working for the Commissions, and coming back into a 13 year old body, Five is very angry and has no problem with taking out his anger. He gathers all of his siblings to try to stop the world from ending. While trying to stop the world from ending, two time assassins, former co-workers of Five, try to kill Five and his family since they are trying to stop the apocalypse. Within all this mess, the Academy starts to put the pieces together to stop the end of the world. Vanya meets a man named Leonard and fell in love with him, since he was the first person to treat her like her actually worth. Vanya’s live takes a massive turn for the best, she stops taking nerve medication and got first chair in the orchestra. Leonard helps Vanya discover she does, in fact, have powers. She is able to convert sound waves to create mass destruction. Although Leonard was helping Vanya, Allison was quite weary of him. She does some research on him and finds out that Leonard Peabody is actually Harold Jenkins, a man who brutally murdered his father and obsesses over the Umbrella Academy. Vanya becomes so out of control, her sound waves amplify and start the dominos of the apocalypse. Her siblings trap her in a soundproof basement, but that does not hold Vanya. She escapes and heads to her concert where she is the star for once.  Almost all of the siblings wanted to kill her, but Allison wanted to save her. Allison ends up stopping Vanya by firing a gun next to her ear. This stops her focusing on the sound waves and shooting all her energy into the moon. This causes the moon to explode, traveling quickly towards Earth. Five had the idea to use his powers to travel back in time to when they were children. They all start to travel back in time and shows them as children. They all disappear and season one ends there.

With such an intense cliffhanger ending, Netflix, hopefully, is setting up for a second season. The show has become very popular, and the fans are begging for a second season. The first season just started streaming, so a confirmation of a second season has yet to been said. Everyone is on the edge of their seats, waiting to see how the future of the show will turn out.