The Bachelor - Recap Up To Hometowns

By Cameron Hildebrand

The Bachelor of season 23 is Colton Underwood, who is a former professional football player. He is 27 years old, and is from Indianapolis, IL. While being on a show where you date up to 30 women at one time, he has had his hands full. He has previously appeared on season 22 The Bachelorette and season 5 of The Bachelor in Paradise, where he failed to find love.

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The women he has dated so far this season are listed below:

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Week 1:

  • Best Intro - Bri, who used a fake Australian accent to catch Colton’s attention.

  • Best Outfit - Sydney, who is an NBA dancer, who caught everyone's attention in her black dress when she stepped out of the limo.

  • First Impression Rose - Hannah G, who is a total sweetheart, and also keeps to herself.

  • Villain - Demi, who is super goofy and likes to joke around and insult the other girls.

  • The girls that did not receive a rose the first night - Tahzjuan, Erin, Devin, Revian, Alex D, Laura, and Jane.

Week 2:

  • Hannah B, gets the first one-on-one of the season, which also happens to be the same day as her birthday. While she was really nervous and awkward in the beginning of the date, she makes up for it at dinner and receives a rose.

  • Colton takes the first Group Date to a theater, where superstars and Bachelor fans Megan Mullally and Nick Offerman are there to help coach the ladies in revealing some personal stories of notable "firsts" in their lives on stage in front of an audience.

  • Group Date #2 - Camp Bachelor. Billy Eichner showed up to give Colton some advice and this group of ladies had a cookout, played a few games, and then it was time to get serious: The women were split into two teams to compete in a three-legged race, a tug of war, and other camp-themed challenges. The winning team stays overnight with Colton; the losing team goes home.

  • The girls who did not receive a rose the second week - Alex B, Angelique, Annie, and Erika.

Week 3:

  • Colton's first group date found the ladies donning pirate gear and literally learning the ropes so they could perform in a pirate-themed dinner show. This is where it is figured out that Hannah B. and Caelynn have a negative past together when they were roommates at the Miss USA Competition.

  • Next up was Colton's 1-on-1 Date with Elyse, who received a group date rose last week. After a helicopter ride to San Diego, Colton tells Elyse that despite all appearances, this is actually a group date.

  • On the next group date, Terry and Rebecca Crews hosted the "Bachelor's Strongest Woman" competition on a group date. Chris Harrison and guest star Fred Willard provide commentary.

  • The girls who did not receive a rose following the pool party - Caitlin, Bri, Catherine, and Nina.

Week 4:

  • On the group date, Colton took the ladies out on the town to experience some of Singapore's culture.

  • Caelynn then gets the next date, which is a one-on-one. After a day of being pampered b Colton, she takes time at dinner to uncover an experience that had changed her life. When she was in college, her and a few of her friends were sexually assaulted and all of the perpetrators escaped punishment.

  • Girls who went home in Singapore - Courtney and Tracy.

Week 5:

  • The first one-on-one date in Thailand goes to Heather and gets the rose from Colton while at dinner.

  • This group date was no different than the others when it came to challenging the women, as Colton took the ladies to the jungles of Thailand to learn how to survive if they're lost in the jungle.

  • Cassie then has the other one-on-one with Colton for the week in Thailand.

  • This is a to-be-continued episode and nobody actually goes home until next week due to an abundance of drama.

Week 6:

  • The girls that end up going home from the previous episode are - Onyeka and Nicole.

  • The rest of the ladies then flew to Vietnam the next morning where they started off the week with a violent boxing group date.

  • Kirpa had the next 1-on-1 date, and she and Colton spent their time out on the water, swimming, snorkeling, and hunting for sea urchin, which they later ate right there on the boat.

  • The girls who will not be going to hometowns - Demi, Katie, and Sydney.

And now, the four remaining women will move onto hometown dates, nearing the end of Colton’s journey as the bachelor.