Upcoming Artist of 2019- Aries

By Zachary Whitcomb

Twenty-year-old artist Aries has been working and improving for the past two years on songs; after just releasing his final single, SANTA MONICA, I think we’ll be seeing him more and more on mainstream platforms. Aries was born on April 18th, 1998, in Orange County, California and has always had a passion for music. At a young age, he remembers playing piano with his dad and always liked listening to rock and rap music with his friends growing up.

Throughout middle school he started smoking weed with his friends but quit smoking entirely when he started to become paranoid and panicky, which forced him to stay in his room. In his early years of high school while being in his room, he became interested in producing and making music. Throughout high school, Aries would continue to make beats and slowly get into rapping more and more on each song. When asked about his high school experience, he said “I wouldn't say worthless. I definitely had good times in high school. School’s not for me. I’m a dreamer. It's kind of hard seeing all these people conform when you want to do something else and you want to talk about it and everyone else is like ‘ehh.” In an interview, Aries said he went to college for about two months before he dropped out. He said he had a game plan in his mind and he knew it would work.

He started out on a YouTube channel making “songs in 2 minutes” videos making the popular mainstream songs in two minutes. He said they're fun to do but he wants to focus on his music career over his YouTube one, which gave him a huge boost. He also made remixes of songs on his YouTube channel like, a beautiful version of Congratulations by Post Malone or making 21 Savage sound less savage. His music gained a lot of following after his channel started to get bigger. All of his “how I made ___ ” videos and his music videos are all uploaded as well as edited by him. Recently, he’s been straying further away from his channel to lock into making music and has been working in his home studio and music studios since.

His song CAROUSEL peaked at #10 on Spotify’s US Viral charts. His production style is mix of rap and alternative rock with melancholic guitars and heavy 808 bass lines peppered by synths and anything else he feels like sampling to boost his music. When it comes to his vocals, he raps and sings melodies about betrayal and people doubting his abilities. His first public song on his SoundCloud was released two years ago called, THE MAN. His top song on SoundCloud right now is CAROUSEL at 1.15 million streams.

On a podcast interview with fellow music artist and producer, Ramzoid, he was asked if he’s ever performed live for an audience and he replied saying he played a hookah lounge when he turned 18 and performed a few songs for a very small crowd. In another question and answer video with questions from his fans, he was asked what musical and non-musical things inspire him. He said he was inspired by people like Lil Wayne and Tyler the Creator and nostalgia inspires him. His goal is to capture the aesthetic and emotions that stem from it. This is backed up in his song THE NEIGHBORS where he talks about being young with his friends and having fun doing stupid things and losing contact after a while.

He also raps about heartbreak and feeling outcast and alone in songs like DEADMAN WUNDERLAND and GENIE. DEADMAN WUNDERLAND was a big step forward for Aries in terms of his style. That was his first song put out with more of a melodic style and was happy to see the positive feedback from it. He doesn’t call himself a singer, or at least, not since March 2018 as he stated in an interview. Since DEADMAN WUNDERLAND he has been increasingly more melodic with is vocals to singing in songs like SAYONARA, RACECAR, and his newest song released SANTA MONICA, released on January 30th of this year.

After 2 years, 14 songs, 59.9k SoundCloud followers, and 369k subscribers, Aries has grown exponentially and I expect to see him even more in the future. Songs like BLOSSOM are slower, synth based tracks that you can easily nod your head to and others like CAROUSEL and SAYONARA are upbeat, blends of rock guitar with trap style drum patterns. These blends of sounds are what is really making him stand out now. People like Lil Peep got famous for similar types of sound with emo/grunge rock guitars over the popular trap style drums of todays music. Aries turns heads and I think everyone could find one song that they enjoy from him and everyone should keep their eyes open to see what else he has planned for this upcoming year.