Want to Be More Paranoid? Watch 'The Strangers'

By Brooke Moran

The Strangers is classified as a “horror, mystery, thriller” movie. It was released in 2008 and then a sequel was made last year. If you always have the feeling that someone is watching you or anything of that manner, I would not recommend watching this movie. The movie has a dark, disturbing aspect to it, but as a girl who likes horror and mystery movies, this is easily one of my favorites. This movie also happens to be one of the scariest I’ve seen, too. Sitting in my friends basement at three in the afternoon one day, we started to watch the movie.

If a movie starts out with “this is inspired from true events” and it’s a horror movie, then the movie is about to be pretty interesting. A couple goes to a family vacation house, but as it turns out, she has just declined his engagement proposal (awkward). The house the couple is staying in is the kind of house “your brother could have lived in, that you could have grown up in,” according to IMDb. The producer wanted the movie to be like this so people can feel like it is more familiar. This alone makes the movie feel very realistic which is an aspect horror movies need.

Once the couple was back into the house together, the main male character decided to leave and go to the store. When the main male antagonist first started terrorizing the house, it was in a silent way. He acted like a shadow watching her every move which is something very chilling to think about if you are alone. This dramatic irony in the movie made everything very real because it can happen. My friend and I were twenty minutes into this movie and I was ready to call it quits after seeing a man in a mask hiding in the hallway while the woman had no idea he was there. This is one of those points where you want to scream out at the character and say “hey, you might want to turn around now so you don’t get killed.”

There were three main antagonists in this movie. The three characters were all wearing masks, so you couldn't see their faces at all. When I first saw this, I thought of it as a basic cliche for a modern horror movie, but it turned out to be completely different. During the movie they were all slowly circling in on the house so that the protagonists couldn't go anywhere. They stole all the phones, disconnected all of the service, slashed the tires on their vehicle, and took out all the electricity around the outside of the house. It is clear from the beginning of the movie that they want to kill the couple, but the masked men draw it out a lot to create suspense.

Even though the plot of the movie was a good idea, the couple’s acting wasn't the best. In my opinion, I think they should have acted more scared because it seemed as though she would scream before something would happen, which doesn't make any sense. Out of all the horror movies I have seen (which is a lot), the ending of this movie is an ending that will shake you to the core. While I am not going to give up a spoiler on that, I highly recommend watching it for how it ends. The ending still doesn’t give any clarity towards what happened in the movie, but I guess that is how it tried to tie into a sequel. In my opinion, and based on the back and forth in this movie, I give this movie a rating of 3.5 out of 5 stars.

In 2018, a sequel was made called “The Strangers: Prey at Night.” The same three killers from the last movie are back again, but this time they are terrorizing a family of four. Some people say sequels can make the series better or worse, and I believe this sequel could have been fine unwritten. In the first movie, the antagonists were new and you didn’t know what they were going to do. Since you are already introduced to the characters, the second movie tends to be very anticlimactic. You know what the antagonists are capable of and what they want to do. They just want to frighten and taunt people before slowly killing them. Compared to the second movie, “The Strangers” was a much more spine-chilling and terrifying movie.