The Miracle Season: Review and Summary

By Alyson McCullough

Spoilers Ahead

Detailed summary of the movie:

The Miracle Season is based on a true story that is mainly about the West High School volleyball team and the struggles they will endure during their season. In Iowa City, Iowa, a seventeen-year-old girl named Caroline “Line” Found was so abundant and radiant, everyone loved her presence. Her and her best friend, Kelley Fliehler, were both very outgoing and positive girls. These two were inseparable growing up and they grew to love the sport of volleyball together. The West High Trojans volleyball team are defending state champs and Caroline is ready to win again. Their season starts off with a hard fought game against their rivals, City High. The Trojans fall short but Caroline is not going to let that game get her down. The next evening, Caroline throws a party in her barn to kick off the start of school and volleyball season, the whole school shows up and everyone is having a good time. Ernie, Caroline’s father, could not get the stereo to work properly, so Caroline pulled her car up to the barn and played music off of her radio.

After everyone leaves, Caroline goes to visit her sick mother, Ellyn, in the hospital, driving away from Kelley on a moped because her car battery had died. Ellyn is being treated for cancer and things are not looking well. Ernie is woken up by two police officers knocking on his door, telling him that his precious daughter was in a fatal accident on the way to see her mother. Ernie is devastated, but he calls Kelley and she continues to spread the word. At Caroline’s funeral, Ellyn, who can not walk on her own, decides she is going to walk to her daughter’s casket. When she reaches the front of the room, she utters the words “We will always be together, no matter what.”, something that her sweet Line had told her a few days before. The entire town attended Caroline’s funeral to show their support for her family and to mourn the loss of the amazing young woman they all knew and loved. Ellyn Found passed the night after Caroline’s funeral.

Since she played such a key role on the volleyball team because she is the team captain and setter, Coach Bresnahan, also known as Coach Bres, had to find a new leader to carry the team. Who would be better than her best friend, Kelley? It takes Bres a few weeks to get the girls to even attend practice after the accident and it takes even longer for them to actually perform well at all. Coach Bres had decided that Kelley was going to step in and be the new setter. She spent many nights after practice studying her new setter plays. After many losses, because the Trojans did not attend the games, the women of West High had to buckle down and win the next fifteen games if they wanted a chance to return to the state championship. They decided as a team that they were going to do it for Line. After countless hours of hard work, the girls made it back to the state finals.

On the bus ride to the game, Coach Bres told the girls just how proud she was of them and that they deserved this chance. She expressed how much she loved them and how fortunate she was to be their coach. After arriving to the championship game and seeing City High standing on the other side of the court, they knew they had their work cut out for them, but nothing was going to stop them or discourage them. The match against City High went to five sets and the Trojans came out on top and brought home their second state championship title in a row. The crowd went wild and all of the West High volleyball team and their spectators start belting out Sweet Caroline by Neil Diamond in honor of their sweet Caroline.

The movie The Miracle Season was an emotional roller coaster because it was both heart wrenching and a happy ending all in one. You will definitely need a box of tissues close by when watching this movie. Even if you read this article, spoilers and vivid details included, it does not change the effect that the strong emotions in this film will have on a person. The directors, producers, and cast all did a very good job telling this tragic story and nothing is like experiencing the production yourself.