Outside of the Bird Box

Bird Box: Does it Live up to its Hype?

By Tyler St. Clair

Warning: Spoilers Ahead

Bird Box is the latest craze from the popular streaming site Netflix. Starring Sandra Bullock, Bird Box is a thriller/drama that captures a post-apocalyptic version of our own world. And in this world there are invisible creatures that when looked at, cause people to visualize their worst fear and are ultimately possessed to take their own lives in one way or another.

The movie opens with an intense scene of Sandra Bullock’s character, Malorie, with two very young children. Malorie begins barking strict orders at the two young children and makes sure to drive home the point by telling them that if they don’t listen to her rules, then they will die.

The movie then goes back in time 5 years where the story begins by introducing these creatures almost as a pandemic, comparable to the Black Plague. And while nothing is said of the true origin of these creatures, they were first spotted in Europe and started to spread from there. This causes mass panic for all countries around the world, declaring national emergencies and closing all borders and stopping transportation between countries.

When the pandemic eventually reaches the United States, Malorie is out and about with her sister when the whole atmosphere changes. As a viewer you are able to feel the immediate change in the tone of the movie as strange things begin to happen throughout the city and as it quickly escalates the thrill of the movie begins.

Once the creatures are in the city, there is no stopping them. People begin to drop like flies, including Malorie’s sister who she was with when everything first started. Malorie is quickly rushed into a safe house with a group of strangers. These strangers quickly become her family for the rest of the movie.

This basis of this movie is a group of survivors who have to wear blindfolds when outside to avoid seeing the creatures. This gives off a sense of lack of creativity and/or originality due to movies that have recently been released with the similar theme of a group of survivors that have one of their senses taken away. A Quiet Place was released earlier in 2018 in which the main characters could not speak, and I can’t help but feel that Bird Box is somewhat of a mock up of this popular film.

That being said, Bird Box is still able to convey the horror element of the movie to the audience, as fear of the dark or not being able to see is a fairly common fear among many people.

Overall I found the movie to be very entertaining by keeping you on the edge of your seat in many intense scenes. It starts a little slow, and is difficult to really get in to at first. Once the plot gets moving it flows very nicely. There were many points in the movie in which you could tell the director was trying to have a big plot twist but they were all too predictable which ruined the big plot points for me and took away from the surprise factor of the movie.

I was very disappointed in the end of the movie however; it seemed to end rather abruptly and left many questions unanswered. This along with the many plot holes in the movie brought my enjoyment down by a little.

Despite what I may think about, the amount of people that have seen this movie since its release clearly shows that people have very much enjoyed it. It quickly became one of the most popular films on Netflix with over 45 million accounts viewing it in just the first seven days of it’s release setting an all time record for any of Netflix’s original films.

As with any popular trend, they always turn into an internet challenge of sorts. Shortly after the movie’s release, the “bird box challenge” was coined. This challenge consists of going about everyday tasks while, you guessed it, being blindfolded. Internet personalities have filmed themselves walking around their homes and around city streets, some even taking it as far as trying to drive while blindfolded.

Netflix quickly caught wind of this viral challenge and released a warning via Twitter. Their tweet said that while they appreciated the massive positive feedback to their original film, they warned the fans to not do anything that would put them in harm’s way while taking part in this challenge.

Like any internet fad, this challenge and the movie itself will fade with time, but as for now this Netflix original has caught the attention of many fans and critics while making history in the Netflix world.